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Matched Pair 18 – Release

The women looked at the man. and at Two, who was trying to speak. She spluttered, realising just how effective a gag she’d been given. She’d never not been able to speak through a gag before but realised the jeopardy of two crystal decanters full of precious brandy and whiskey made all the difference. If she failed to grip with her teeth everything could come crashing down. She suspected that would be worth way more than five demerits. Whatever a demerit was.

“Hush” The man looked down at Two. “Nothing you have to say is of any worth now. You are just a sewn-up cunt that must be made to come. I’m interested in how your friends do it. Not in what it does to you”.

“Keep the legs apart” he said taking the ropes the Girl had been pulling on and handing one to Five and the other to One.

The man took The Girl by the hand and they left the room.

One, Three and Five looked at each other and again at Two.

“Guess it’s down to you” One said to Three, “We’ve got ropes to tend”.

Two could see nothing but the chandelier suspended over her. She could feel nothing but the weight of the gag. She could hear Three protest, panic in her voice: “I’ve never touched a woman”. “You’ve touched yourself haven’t you?” one of the others said. “Okay – let’s just say I don’t want to touch another woman”. “That’s instant failure” said the other voice: “Do you really think he’ll want someone who can’t touch his girl. It’ll be the train home for you in the morning”.

Two just wanted them to get on with it. She wanted to come. Couldn’t they see her stretching and gripping the edge of the table? She knew she could come right now. She could feel it building inside her. It had been building since the first push, pop and pull of the needle through her flesh. She’d only been terrified for an instant before the needle touched her. Since then she’d just wanted to come. She was all mixed up as to why though. It wasn’t the pain – though that’d been good. It was more that she felt chosen and humiliated at the same time. Humiliated because she hadn’t been able to hold in her steel balls, chosen because she had been the first to get his personal attention.

Three was thinking. She was sure the man would be watching. She looked up at the CCTV cameras in the corners of the room.

‘In for a penny’ She thought: “Right – well, if I can’t do this I’d be pretty useless helping him with his girl” she said out loud. She used the thumb and forefinger of one hand to part the top of Two’s flaps and moistened a finger ready to apply to the clitty.

“He’s sewn over it” Two heard Three say.

“Try rubbing through her lips then” said another voice.

It was One that was doing all the talking. Five was just holding on to her rope and watching as Three placed he finger just below the top black knot in Two’s pussy, pushing Two’s labia left, over to where she thought the woman’s clitty might be.

Two wanted to push toward the probing finger but realised she would slide down the table if she did. She wanted Three to move her finger faster and straight up and down. She didn’t need warming up. But she couldn’t tell her. She tried pushing her pussy up and down but Two wasn’t taking any notice.

Then Three did speed up, Two didn’t care that she was quite dry under her sewn-together lips. She knew her cunt was full of juice but being full and sewn meant there was no way her juices could help her.  She was hot, her breath was short and gasping, she was stretching every muscle. She was right there: She was going to come. And then one of the man’s deft knots caught her right under the bottom of her clitoris as Three rubbed vigorously up and down. Instantly she wasn’t “there” anymore. It wasn’t agonising. Not really even painful. Just surprising enough to take her off the crest of a wave.

“Have you come?” Three spoke. “I don’t think she has”  One said. Two shook her head, shaking the decanters just before she realised that a nod instead would have brought this to an end for all of them. A lie would have made it all so easy.

Five had a thought “Try putting your fingers down behind her pussy-lips. You can get at her clitty direct that way”. Three shook her head, “I’m facing the wrong way”. “Get on the table” said One.

Three crawled under the leg rope Five was holding, stood and clambered up onto a chair and then the table. She knelt over Two and, supporting herself with her left arm, pushed an experimental finger down between the neat line of stitches. “She’s dry”. Three raised her finger to her mouth. “There’s lube on the tray” said Five. One reached over and took the tube. she flipped open the top and, with her other hand,  stretched the stitched tunnel over Two’s clitty and hole as far up as she could. As she  squeezed an unnecesarily large amount of gel onto her target she could see a steel ball peeking out of the woman’s vagina. She stretched a finger down and pushed it back in, releasing the labia and returning to gentle, rhythmic rubbing of the area around Two’s clitoris.

Five looked over at One. The tall, elegant girl had wrapped the end of the rope she was holding between her legs and was riding it. One closed her eyes, her lips parted. And reddened. “He didn’t say you”. “He didn’t say not”.

Three loved the feeling of Two’s constrained finger, which was moving faster and more firmly directly over her hood. She could feel herself stiffening, not just where Two was persistently rubbing but all over. She wanted to straighten her legs and her toes. She gripped the table even more firmly. Before she closed her eyes she saw Two lean forward over her to get a better angle on what she was doing. Then she felt Two’s weight and felt her begin to grind back and forth on Three’s chest.

Two was abandoning herself to the pure need that was mounting in her clitty and working to let it take over her mind when she  felt a new sensation. Opening her eyes again Two carefully tilted her head to the left. She could see that Five had carefully moved around the table, taking care to keep her rope taut, and had leaned over to take Three’s left nipple into her mouth. Five’s suckling was frustratingly gentle.

She felt her right leg suddenly come free and, involuntarily, snapped it back tight against her left, trapping Three’s finger which was now moving over her bare clit, fast and hard.

Looking right she could see One, flushed and blushing, dip to take her other nipple into her mouth. She nipped it with her teeth and sucked hard taking in the entire nipple and aureole. It burned. To her left, Five had stopped sucking and was licking all around the base of Two’s other teat.

Two felt the heat spread through all of her body. She knew a few more strokes would bring that sudden explosion she needed. She knew that feeling of unquenchable need would, in a few seconds, be overcome with pulsing pleasure and then the feeling of completeness and satisfaction that was the real reward of orgasm. She could no longer help anything she did: Two pushed her head back into the unyielding tabletop and opened her mouth and laughed.

Instantly the rope gag flew out of her mouth. The weight of the two decanters snapped the thick rope cylinder over her chin and down onto her windpipe. It knocked the breath out of Two and made it near impossible to take air in. She came harder.  A new, second peak. Her eyes bulged. “Help” she choked. Five hauled the rope up. Two leapt up off her chest, her cunt farting as she did and her steel balls plopping out, dropping onto Three’s tummy. The whiskey decanter swung wildly and smashed into the leg of a chair, leaving shards of glass and a peaty, smoky aroma rising from the oriental rug.

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