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Maraschino Shares New Single “Angelface,” Debut Album “Hollywood Piano” Out Mar. 3

Photo by Laura Moreau

Los Angeles artist Maraschino has shared the latest track from her upcoming debut album Hollywood Piano with the release of their new single “Angelface.” They’ll also be performing at two events in the city with a stop at The Philosophical Research Society on Feb. 9 and at Non Plus Ultra on Feb. 17. Prior to this Maraschino had unveiled two other songs from the album: lead single “Smoke and Mirrors” and “Hi Desire.”


In “Angelface,” Maraschino pens a love song dedicated to the “underdogs” that find themselves flailing when it comes to love. Tuning her luminous vocals to glittery disco pop, she strikes a tone that is both triumphant and weepingly spectacular. Drawing heavily from mid-80s icons like Madonna, both in her infectious pop underpinnings and incisive lyricism. Which, on previous singles, was rooted in locating and demystifying all the enthralling but vacuous ways a culture obsessed with itself is devoted to perpetuating its own materialistic myths.


But on “Angelface” she revels radiantly in the bliss of seeking out a passionate connection — even if that means risking heartbreak. With its synth-orbiting anthemics, the song follows Maraschino as she loses herself chasing another beautiful face. Against the buzzing punctuation of its melody, she struts alongside the shimmering chorus (“Angelface make me your fool / Lost my mind and it feels good” she coos). Blurring the lines between desire and reason as the song’s melody burns vivaciously in the background.

Of the new single, Durabo said: “‘Angelface’ is a love song for the underdogs who’ve given up on finding love, and a suggestion that sometimes the sweetest love stories are the ones we don’t see coming.”

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Hollywood Piano the debut album from Maraschino is out Mar. 3 via Kiss Cafe, pre-order it here. See them in Los Angeles this month at The Philosophical Research Society on Feb. 9 and at Non Plus Ultra on Feb. 17.

Visit Maraschino on their Bandcamp, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words by Steven Ward

Listen to “Angelface” the new single from Maraschino below!

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