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LuxeRox will send you display-ready crystal, fossil, and mineral specimins
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LuxeRox wants to send you museum-quality mineral specimens.


If you’re here, you probably love pretty rocks as much as I do. Most of the time my DitL posts focus on rocks that you can wear, but today we’re shifting focus to gorgeous display mineral specimens!

LuxeRox is a new luxury mineral subscription service that sends rock-lovers like us gorgeous display-ready minerals on a monthly basis. Oh yes, you head me correctly.

Each LuxeRox package arrives in a sleek black box emblazoned with the LuxeRox logo and contains one museum-quality mineral specimen in a custom LuxeRox velvet pouch. As you unwrap the package, you’ll also find a LuxeRox Lucite mineral stand and an informational card telling you exactly what your mineral is, where it was mined, and what its symbolic meanings and associations are.

All you have to do is take the rock out of its pouch, admire its beauty, place it on its stand, and then decide where in your house your gorgeous new treasure is going to live.

The subscription is monthly, so that’s a new specimen arriving at your door every few weeks!

Every LuxeRox mineral specimen arrives with its own lucite stand, so they're ready for display.

It’s a thrilling moment, reaching your hand into that velvet bag to retrieve your new crystal, fossil, or mineral.

I speak from firsthand experience, because LuxeRox was kind enough to send me a mineral specimen of my own so that I could test drive their program for you! I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous piece of Velveteen Malachite, that was mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s a stone of transformation and it’s sitting on a bookshelf right by my left shoulder as I write this.

Hop over to my Instagram (link here) to see me unboxing my LuxeRox malachite.

The LuxeRox three month subscription gets you three museum-quality mineral specimens sent to your home!

If you also think this sounds like pretty much the coolest thing ever, I have good news for you: LuxeRox has been kind enough to offer a free gift for Diamonds in the Library readers!! Enter the code “diamondsinthelibrary” in the gift message field when signing up for a 3 month or 6 month LuxeRox subscription to get a free LuxeRox Mineral-infused soy candle (a $30 value). Your candle will ship separately from your minerals.

The code expires on Wednesday, November 23, so don’t wait! And yes: this would be an utterly fantastic holiday gift for the jewelry lover in your life.

LuxeRox wants to send you museum-quality mineral specimens

LuxeRox was kind enough to send me one of their mineral specimens for free, but my opinions remain my own.

Images c/o LuxeRox.

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