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Lungarno Hotel by Lungarno Collection is a perfect honeymoon stop - Carmelatte Fashion & Travel
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Lungarno Hotel by Lungarno Collection is a perfect honeymoon stop – Carmelatte Fashion & Travel

Firenze – the city known all over the world, mainly for its history, art and fashion. Fashion is a really important part of the Italian and Florentine culture, having an ancient tradition, so we decided to explore the Tuscan capital under this particular aspect.

We only did a day trip to Florence, which was definitely not enough…but another good excuse to come back!

One and the most important tip I have to mention is – do not drive in Florence if you don’t need to. It took us around 3 hours (in total) to find the parking slot, and it was before we found out the only possibility is to leave the Fiat in the so-called garage. The cost of such garage is around 26 euro per night but they might be full in high season. You can also pre-book online (click). I would recommend to fly directly to Florence and take a taxi/transfer to the city centre. You could stay in a nice boutique hotel in the heart of the city ( Ferragamo-owned Lungarno Collection is a MUST!) and save yourself a lot of stress. I am not the best driver in the world (…), so I found driving in Firenze extremely stressful. It is very busy and you’d spend hours in traffic. Pointless! The usual  ‘tourist distance’ is walkable, and with the Italian weather, it is nothing but a pleasure. We missed the majority of sightseeing because the whole process of finding the parking slot was very time-consuming. If you plan to add Firenze to your Italian Road Trip, perhaps you should consider leaving your car outside the city.

We had a pleasure to stay in one of the most iconic places in Florence, just by the river. We had the most fabulous window view – we admired Ponte Vecchio views from out luxurious Ferragamo-owned Lungarno Collection Hotel Lungano suite. For me it was a solid 10/10 stay. They say this peroperty is ‘everlasting elegance’, which is 100% correct.

Every little details about this stay was perfect – from the little toiletteries to the our lovley aperitivo experience, with some of the TOP views of the Ponte Vecchio (THE famous bridge, you know), delicious (the word is not enough though) breakfast and also complimentary tickets to Ferregamo museum (literally 5 minutes walking) for the guests.

As for the interior – a mixture of modern and a real Italian taste – Ferragamo’s designs were obviously present and the brand’s aesthetic, which is chic and not too much, was also considered. The art collection includes more than 450 works, offered in a variety of themed itineraries to our guests, with the many pieces accompanying our guest to their rooms, of which many are themed and dedicated to the work of a unique artist, such as the Venna or Francesconi suite. We loved our suite and could spend the whole stay there but Florence was calling.

Also the choice of wine – ahh! Unfortunately I did not get a chanced to try as I am pregnant but this could be one of the reasons to visit their lovely Picteau Bistrot and Bar.

Let me leave you with some of the photos I gathered from my stay. I recommend Hotel Lungarno not only for a perfect honeymoon stop in the city of Michael Angelo but also a regular stay – whether it is with your family or best friend.

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