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Lunar New Year Celebrations – Registration and Volunteer Callout
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Lunar New Year Celebrations – Registration and Volunteer Callout

Lunar New Year Celebrations – Registration and Volunteer Callout

The WeStar Lunar New Year party on February 4 is in full planning stages, and registrations are flying off the shelves…or something like that. Last the Owl heard, 101 tickets had been sold, with a firm limit on 300 total. If you haven’t signed up yet, you’ll want to get going. You can register here and payment details are available at that link. Again, please remember there is also a student-led Chinese New Year festival on January 29.

And in the learning something new category, the Owl has been told that the evening of February 4 is auspicious as it marks the beginning of the Lantern Festival which is the first full moon night of the Lunar New Year. It is a day to worship and admire the full moon, symbolizing the arrival of spring. It is traditionally defined as the last day of the New Year. Someone is going to get me on a technicality which is that the full moon is actually at 1:29 pm on Sunday, February 5 but just roll with the 24 hour party of the Lantern Festival.

More information about the night’s performances is trickling out. Chinese dances, Chinese opera and my personal favorite, kids K-Pop dance. Magic show…face painting… this sounds fun!

If you have any students looking for Community hours, or just wanting to be part of the face painting crew because it is fun to paint rabbits on small kids, please do encourage them to sign up to volunteer here.

Happy New Year!

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