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Lambrini Girls Unleash Unrelenting New Punk Anthem “White Van”

Photo by Bridie Cummings

In a long line of riot grrrl bands and all-female punk-rock outfits, Lambrini Girls proves the sound is more prevalent than ever on their latest track, “White Van.” Right from the start, the Brighton trio’s hell-raising energy comes alive through lead singer Phoebe Lunny’s megaphone voice and drummer Catt Jack’s relentless assault on the drum kit. Bassist Lilly Macieira also holds her own among the two, who goes hand in hand with Lunny’s shredding on the guitar.


But it’s not just their recordings that tear the roof off. The energy has been carrying over to Lambrini Girls‘ live performances for the past year, the likes of which “White Van” has been teased from show to show. And with the release of their debut EP, You’re Welcome, on the horizon, the band’s most striking feature is their constant barrage of booming anthems which hold a mirror up to current problems.

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Lunny’s confrontational lyrics speak for themselves, as she leads the offensive against street harassment and unwanted attention. Represented in the form of a white van, their increasingly intense vitality and tenacity grow with each denouncement of catcalling and passing glares. The atmosphere is uniquely gothic, standing out in the band’s small but boisterous catalog despite sharing traits with other songs like “Help Me, I’m Gay.” It’s clear they have a working formula, but they’re also unafraid of mixing things up when needed. That unabashed ability comes out in the song’s chaotic and sprawling ending. Although the trio is more commonly associated with the punk-rock genre, the climax is industrial in nature, offering more than your typical punk act could provide.

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However, what makes Lambrini Girls so essential is their subject matter. Considering punk rock’s problematic and long history of misogyny, bigotry, and racism, it’s refreshing to hear a band that directly calls out that behavior in the modern day. Lunny’s testaments are painfully necessary, and her confrontational lyrics remain effective with the band’s energy that only seems to grow more and more intense with each new single. And when You’re Welcome, the band’s first EP, releases April 19, Lambrini Girls should only rise in prominence and ferocity.

Words: David Sosa

“White Van” by Lambrini Girls is out on all streaming services. For tickets to their upcoming European dates and news on their forthcoming EP, follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Bandcamp.


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