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I’ve had quite a decent run recently in clubs with British Legions, Social clubs, comedy clubs, music venues, cricket clubs, rugby clubs, hockey clubs, football clubs, clubs in parks (true!) and other assorted clubs happy to take my cash in return for a pint of amber nectar!

Spondon CC, Mickleover FC, Birmingham City FC, Ashby Ivanhoe FC, The Cons Club Burton, Alvechurch FC, The Stick And Pitcher, Hugglescote Social Club, Shobnall Sports & Social Club and Holland Sports Club to name but a few, have all welcomed the LAF blog with open arms.

So, on a cold Tuesday evening, when Beermat Junior was football training in sub-zero conditions in Chaddesden, I enlisted the support of a fellow fiftysomething to have an emergency pint at a social club in order to keep off the festive chill. Purely for medicinal purposes, you understand of course.

Chaddesden Park Social Club looked just the ticket with its bright neon lights standing out like a beacon next to the fire station in a suburb that isn’t over burdened with boozers.

We got through the first door and a septuagenarian behind us was coming in on his bike so all seemed good. 

My pal tried the wooden door but no entry and the old boy on the bike said you need to be members but it won’t be a problem….

Famous last words as an even older boy/steward came to the door and said words to the effect “You need to be a member to come in.”

We pleaded with his better nature and said we wanted a pint and could we be signed in?  “You aren’t members,” was the reply.

We asked if he could sign us in as we were fiftysomething football dads looking for a pint – I’m paraphrasing here.

Ina nutshell he said he wouldn’t sign us in as he didn’t know us and our trade would be better off at the Toby Carvery!

We could see there were a handful of people at the time although another old boy arrived on his bike (maybe that was part of the club’s entrance rules) but, if you want to stay stuck in the seventies with your club rules, then all the best!

So, with Jobsworth’s advice ringing in our ears and he door slammed firmly shut, we headed off for 782 – Toby Carvery Chaddesden DE21 6LZ.

A big behemoth of a boozer on the main Nottingham Road that used to be known as the Beau Brummel before Mitchells & Butlers went for the chain pub rebrand.

We walked in and, like most Toby’s, it has a drinking area too, and we pitched up, ordered a very good pint of Old Speckled Hen (Morland) for £3.70 and watched whatever World Cup game was on at the time.

My mate’s Wainwright was OK so he plumped for a Speckled Hen next time round and the verdict was a rare gem in a Toby Carvery in Chaddesden.

The conversation flowed with The Cure, New Model Army, non-league football and Jobsworths the main topic of conversation.

Look, Toby Carveries are never going to win pub of the year awards but there were a smattering of punters in here just drinking and watching sport and there aren’t oodles of options in Chadd so this is a place I reckon gets a good trade with lots of chimney pots nearby.

Therefore, with just shy of £15 spent, it’s good to know social clubs can stick two fingers up to passing trade.  Thank goodness for Toby Carveries…and you don’t say that too often!

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