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Italian Summer Vibes

It’s that time of year again! August in Italy is my least favorite month. It’s hot and lonely. When you don’t have air condition, the weather is hot no matter what the actual temperature is. Lonely because almost EVERYONE takes off on vacation. You have people who go into the mountains and those who take off to the beach.

Once the girls were old enough we began going to the beach. While there are many options, a lot of families with little ones tend to opt for the Adriatic Sea. The beaches near and around Rimini are famous for their low cost/good food options. Here you can find All-Inclusive hotels and I do mean ALL-INCLUSIVE. We have frequented a 3 start hotel every time we go. All 3 meals are included as well as a reserved umbrella & 2 chairs at the beach.

I’ve written so much about our go-to place, Bellaria, that instead of writing more, I figured I would just direct you to all of my past posts including Vlog we made 2 years ago!

Bellaria 2015 Blog Posts:

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Bellaria 2016 Blog Posts:

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Bellaria 2017 Blog Post:

Our family vacation 2017: The Vlog

Sometimes, people opt to stay home due to work schedules or budge conflict. Luckily our location is perfect for day tripping to lakes and mountains. One place we like to visit is Lago d’Orta. Located in the North East part of Piemonte, it’s one of the lakes near Lago Maggiore. We’ve gone for picnics several times and have always enjoyed ourselves and it’s less than a 2 hour drive from Torino!

Lago d’Orta Blog Post:

Day trip: Lago d’Orta

While summer is almost over, we still have a few places to visit and once we do, I’ll be adding those posts to this list as well! So stay tuned!

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