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Is Digital Marketing A Good Career..?

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22 thoughts on “Is Digital Marketing A Good Career..?

  1. Can u make a video of an overall view of marketing in general? Like the pros/cons of entering this career route, the salary, similar to this video.

    1. Yes I think I can do that in the near future. Also thinking about starting a blog since I can make those much faster, videos take me about 5-15 hours each to make

    2. @Shane Hummus can you also do a video on Public Relations major? Been thinking about majoring in it for a while and your videos are some of the most informative on the site

  2. Any recommendations in terms of training? How can I get experience or certifications to get companies to interview me

  3. I want to add in for people interested in this career, it is VERY competitive. I have over a year of experience through working with small businesses/freelancing and a college degree, and it is tough for me to find a well paying “entry level” role. If you really want a career in this field, you are going to have to prove to yourself and others that you can do what is required. The journey is slow and long, and just taking a couple courses online isn’t going to be nearly enough. My advice to incoming digital marketers, you will most likely be working for free until you have some skills/projects you can put down on paper. Volunteer for local businesses/programs and if you really want to stand out, use what skills you do have and freelance your services and take as many projects as you can. Last thing, a learner’s mindset is very important, you’re going to learn something new every day and it’s definitely a top trait employers look for. Continue to read, listen to podcasts, google things, watch videos, and get out there and practice, practice, practice. Good luck!

    1. That’s good advice, and it’s what I teach my students to do in terms of generating experience. But if you are having trouble finding a good role with that experience, it likely means your resume/Linkedin is not optimized properly. I’ve helped a lot of people in similar situations. When you say you have experience which specific skillset are you referring to? If you are doing Paid Ads/SEM/Google Ads or SEO then you should not have any trouble getting an nice entry level job. If you are doing Social Media Management then that is a different story. Basically you need to make sure you are clearly communicating your value i.e. accounts or budgets managed to potential employers.

      After 6 years of helping people get jobs, I can tell you with certainty that demand is extremely high and the supply of skilled workers is very low. It definitely does take work but it’s not highly competitive. If you watch any of my recent walkthrough videos I literally show you how even jobs with tons of applicants rarely even have people with the correlated skillsets applying for them.

  4. Love that you’re transparent with the struggles of starting in this business! Despite it being challenging, we love what we do. A proper strategy is the foundation of all your efforts. Every action you take should tie back to your strategy.

  5. would you recommend going the marketing degree route or communications degree route for this career?

    1. Dont waste your time going to college for Marketing I did it. it was a waste of time its like all you talked about was other companies success and I had one teacher she talked about her self alot but she never really did much in social media marketing but predicting linkedin was gonna be successful.

  6. i adore your videos because you do not like nonsense like other channels, as you get into the heart of the matter and with all transparency , but the rest of the channels are all liars and thieves looking for profit through their followers.🐾

  7. I love marketing and have a degree In it,BUT they usually hire for contracted only positions that last 6 to 9 months.
    And small companies don’t understand that marketing IS ESSENTIAL!
    I was paid decent but let go after 7 weeks Because they no longer want to have social media. I never even received a credit card to create ads yet I have done it all! PPC, SEO, AND SOCAL MEDIA! USUALLY JOBS WANT YOU TO DO ALL OF IT!

  8. Thank you for this,I am a graphics maker and a video editor,pls how can this skills be useful in digital marketing

  9. A very interesting video, Shane. I’m already working to get an IT/CS degree (probably at WGU) after I finish my tenure at community college, but I will definitely be looking into digital marketing in the future😀

  10. what if its only two more years of school for me to get a digital marketing degree ( I have all my pre recs done and the rest I can finish off at a good school in Chicago)

    also I would be doing a lot of the extra certifications as well to heighten my skillset and pad my resume and do personal projects as im involved with local business making instagram video content etc.

    I personally just want to finish my degree off yet still do digital marketing / work in tech

  11. Thank you a lot for this video. This is very interesting and informative. Keep posting like those amazing videos, this is awesome.

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