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In this family nobody fights alone – Formia Design Custom Jewelry

“In this family Nobody fights alone” Today 8 weeks after my own emergency surgery this message from a job back in Nov. -2020 does not only resonate but also means a lot to me today!

This family who received these necklaces came together after a scoliosis diagnosis. Today I find myself utterly grateful for a family’s strength as well. In my case family means both blood related AND the ones of friendships! (You know who you are)

Suddenly after lunch on a Wednesday, I experienced severe abdominal paid and found my self very soon in ER, diagnosed with an obstruction in my intestine. I was told I needed an emergency surgery to avoid complicated risks. At midnight that same day I had an almost 3 hours long surgery followed by a 6 night hospital stay.

The ones of you with experience of abdominal issues knows how it effects everything we take for granted everyday. How we sleep, how we move around, what we eat (or eat at all) and even bathroom visits. I was allowed to go home after 6 nights, but on my second day at home it went downhill again and pain returned. Back to ER again and for another 4 nights as my intestines wasn’t fully ready. The second time they sent me home was much better and each day I felt an improvement. It wasn’t until after 4 weeks I was back in my studio to ease my back into work with the expectation for 100% recovery after 6-8 weeks.

Well, things didn’t quite end there. Almost 2 weeks ago now my fiancé was tested positive with COvid-19 (luckily he only had mild symptoms) he then got isolated in one room/bath and the rest of us stuck at home in 14 day quarantine. We have had no symptoms and have 4 days left to go. 

I can’t help but to be extremely humbled to how fragile our health can be, and yet I’m the lucky one to be able to fully recover. On top of this I also regained some total respect and admiration of doctors, nurses and staff that made my 10days in the hospital a little less scary.

Here is to live each day fully as we never know when this thing called life throws you a curveball! Also a Huge THANK YOU to all my customers who were/are patiently waiting for my return to the studio.

I have A LOT to catch up on in my studio since February 

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