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IKEA’s Secret High End Furniture

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17 thoughts on “IKEA’s Secret High End Furniture

    1. Your design knowledge is magnificent but in real life the IKEA versions don’t compare. MDF is the worst! It looks and feels cheap. Throw-away furniture. I wish IKEA would really make high-end versions of their furniture with real solid hardwood. Charge more money and plant a tree for every piece of furniture sold.

  1. Maybe I don’t have the gene of fashion but all furniture here was ugly and uncomfortable, I don’t like any

  2. wow . i never knew there was a whole world of insanely priced everyday crap to scam stupid rich people….

  3. buying a cheap replica made out of poor materials and cheap sloppy cunstruction will not make the same effect like a high end designer sofa.

    1. No. But for 99% of the population buying designer furniture is out of the question from a cost perspective.

      The whole idea of the video is highlighting designer looking furniture at mainstream prices. Not necessarily designer quality. There will always be a compromise.

  4. This is so funny… I watched this video a few months ago, but while watching your most recent video the thumbnail for this one was in the suggested videos to the right and immediately caught my eye. My partner and I came across the Äpplaryd sofa at IKEA last month and it REALLY caught our eye! We’re currently torn between going with that couch or a more customized option from EQ3, except that one is a lot more basic looking (but comfortable.) We don’t know what to do! But seeing that it’s modelled after a high-end design is *pretty cool*!

  5. I bought the Applaryd sofa. Its very comfy and nice looking.
    Just a shame that you can’t remove the slipcover to wash it so you have to be careful with stains

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