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How to Pick the Perfect Pouf


What is a pouf?

Available in a variety of textiles and colours, poufs are the perfect dressing for any space. Not only do they add depth, texture, colour and a pop of fun to your home, but their shapes and sizes allow them to serve multiple functions. A taller pouf works as a coffee table or as an impromptu chair when you’re hosting dinner parties or games night. Low, flat poufs make a great seat or a yoga block, giving you just the right elevation to stretch your muscles after a workout.

Perfect for a Versatile Lifestyle

Poufs bring versatility to every space. Small and light, they can be moved around the home to match your lifestyle. They make the perfect footrest for the home office, can support your charcuterie tray during wine night, or can even be moved into a closet when you need the extra floorspace.

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