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How To Pass FAE 2022 | Chartered Accountants Ireland (ACA)

Having recently passed my Final Admitting Examination (FAE) to becoming a chartered accountant (ACA) with Chartered Accountants Ireland (CAI), I thought I would make a video sharing what worked for me study-wise and some general advice for current students. I also cover some tips for the AAFRP assessment, which is the interim examination for the FAE Core paper. If you have any questions about the FAE or the journey to becoming a chartered accountant in general, feel free to hit me up over on my Instagram @malone_financial. This video is in no way affiliated with Chartered Accountants Ireland and all views are my own. The purpose of this video is to simply provide you with some guidelines on how you COULD approach studying for the FAE. While these studying methods worked for me, you should always consider your own personal studying preferences before adopting the preferences of others. If you enjoy the video, or have any questions/feedback, let me know in the comments section! Leave a like on a video, subscribe to the channel and I’ll see you in the next one! Check out some of my other videos: The Stock Market: Don’t Believe The Hype: Investing In The S&P 500 (2021): Should YOU Study Business?: Socials & Credits: Instagram: Channel Artwork by: Music performed, recorded and produced in Dublin, Ireland by Ben O’Neill and myself Follow Malone Financial on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and LinkedIn!

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