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Cabinet Doors

Just How to Make Great Looking Kitchen Cabinet Doors

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How To Make Frame And Panel Cabinet Doors
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15 thoughts on “Just How to Make Great Looking Kitchen Cabinet Doors

  1. exactly what I want to do. I’m going to attempt to do it all on a Bosch table saw. Using dado blades etc.Is it even possible? I think it could be?

  2. Even a few years old, this video has some great tips. Your unconventional approach always creates some unique ideas. ie. Love your simple clamping blocks!

  3. Great video, just about to make these type of door for the first time and the touch with the biscuits has made this a whole lot easier. Thanks

  4. woah, you’re a true craftsman. thank god for the existance of YT so you can pass down your knowledge. amazing work! truely.

  5. I think you could use the jigg more when drilling in the work bench? Drill the first row, use the al to locate the second row, then go back and do the same for the third. Now you can use the 2 holes on the top and the bottom, this way you eliminate the risk of measuring wrong between the rowes.

  6. Wooow que bonito y buen trabajo hace, me parece que está delicadamente bien hecho. Hasta se antoja estar allí con usted para seguir haciendo ésas puertas. Realmente me gustó y se lo agradezco.
    Soy José Arturo y aún que no tengo tanta experiencia como la tiene usted; pondré una carpintería modesta y estaré aprendiendo de ustedes los expertos y aplicaré sus técnicas acá en El Paso, Tx.
    Reciba un afectuoso saludo y sepa que acá también tiene un amigo.
    Dios lo bendiga junto con su familia.

  7. Nice John,
    I enjoyed seeing the simplicity and beauty of your design. It was very inspirational to see the work you created and were able to do with some tools you made yourself! I am 73 years old and have had wood working as a hobby on an off over the years. I have two Shopsmiths one of which was my dads which I started using at 11 years old. I still have all my finger digits and attribute that to remaining just a little afraid of the equipment I use to work on wood.
    John I hope I do not offend you but I have to mention what I observed while watching you making your video on kitchen doors. In my opinion your jointer and table saw procedure scare the he.. out of me! I would like to suggest you consider researching the safest way to use the jointer and table saw. Your hands should never need to pass over a rotating blade 99.99% of the time if using push sticks,sleds, ext…
    Hope you have many years of safe wood working in the future.
    Ocala Florida

  8. I would have liked to watch your entire video, but I got motion sick and could only manage the first 30 seconds. Sorry. Sounded like you had good information.

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