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How to make an ecommerce website using WordPress and Elementor FREE | Step by step for beginners

Do you want to start work with me for any wordpress project? Contact me – In this tutorial I will show you how to create an ecommerce website using WordPress and Elementor for FREE. This is a step by step and complete tutorial for beginners. Here I have used a FREE theme Phlox Theme and Some FREE plugins like Woocommerce, Elementor etc. ✅ Get Domain & Webhosting(60% off): ✅ Check Phlox Theme: ✅ Get Elementor Pro: ✅ Images I used in this tutorial: ✅ Hire professional Logo designer from Fiverr: ✅ Get DIVI theme: Related Tutorial Create Mega Menu – Overview with Timestamps: 00:00​​ Overview of the tutorial 02:40​ Main steps 03:20 Getting Domain and Hosting 12:46 Install WordPress 14:55 Cleaning up WordPress Dashboard 17:47 Install Theme 18:48 Import Templates with all necessary plugins Upload Products 22:33 Upload Products 22:40 Simple Product 28:38 Change Currency 30:25 Variable Product 36:15 Virtual Product 38:10 Downloable Product 42:32 Grouped Product 44:45 Upsell & Cross Sell 46:20 Add Product Reviews 47:45 Customize Header 48:45 Create Logo For FREE 59:11 Set global style (Color, Fonts etc) 1:01:25 Customize Footer 1:02:17 Configure Subscription form Customize Pages 1:08:25 Customize Homepage 1:15:20 Create Blog Post 1:18:04 Create New Custom Section 1:23:08 Customize Shop Page 1:26:35 Customize About Us Page 1:27:48 Customize Blog Page 1:28:43 Customize Contact Us Page 1:34:46 Create New Page 1:37:07 Add Page to Menu 1:39:37 Setup Payments Method 1:45:30 Shipping Method 1:53:05 Manage Orders 1:56:58 Setup Coupon Codes 2:05:33 Setup login/My Account Page 2:09:45 Customize Checkout Page Social: Facebook Group :

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