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How To Make a WordPress Website – 2022

Make a website in 1 hour. Everything you need to know, from getting your website name to choosing your design and creating your website. Learn step by step with no step skipped. You can download the files needed for this design here: Free website giveaway! Fill out the form below to enter a change to win a free website giveaway. Timestamps: 00:00:00 Make Any Design 00:01:00 Setup Overview 00:02:08 Domain Name & Hosting 00:06:17 Get Big Hosting Discount Use coupon code UNLOCK for the biggest possible discount. I will also get a commission from Hostgator (at no additional cost to you) that allows me to make these in-depth tutorials for free, thank you! 00:06:54 Install WordPress 00:09:03 Login & Dashboard 00:09:56 Delete Plugins, Posts & Pages 00:11:52 Choose Your Design 00:15:12 Change Title and Tagline 00:16:05 Homepage Design 00:17:09 Text 00:20:21 Buttons 00:23:08 Undo / Redo 00:23:58 Sections 00:26:41 Images 00:29:25 Backgrounds 00:32:32 Spacing 00:35:47 About Page 00:36:02 Video 00:37:26 Super Cool Thing 00:40:37 Services Page 00:41:01 Change Icons 00:41:57 Mobile Friendly (Responsiveness) 00:45:14 Contact Page 00:45:34 Add Google Map 00:46:02 Contact Form 00:47:28 Add New Page 00:48:00 Import a Page 00:48:40 Import a Block 00:49:39 Transparent Header 00:50:17 Copy a Design 00:51:27 Design From Scratch 00:52:25 Add Page To Menu 00:54:00 Make Logo & Site Icon 00:56:34 Insert Logo & Edit Header 00:58:49 Insert Site Icon 00:59:15 Edit Footer 01:00:49 Final Design Want to make your website into an online store? Learn how, here: Want to add a blog to your website? Learn how, here: Want to add a booking form to your website? Learn how, here: #wordpress #wordpresstutorial #createawebsite If you have any question or get stuck anywhere at all, just ask in a new comment below. No question is a bad question, and we answer each and every one!

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27 thoughts on “How To Make a WordPress Website – 2022

  1. Once again awesome stuff. I want to add your videos were instrumental in me landing my first clients a few years back. I know the videos are focused on DIY but many small businesses simply don’t have the time, patience etc and are willing to shell out $ for someone to do it for them (just like me when I need home repairs ); your videos helped me launch a nice side hustle that I’m passionate about. Thanks!

    1. Content writing has become easier too. Fresh website content using a blog is important for growth. Jasper assists you in writing that content. Have you tried Jasper yet?

  2. Hi Tyler – This is so helpful. I think I’m going to use Elementor, but I’m concerned about two things: the number of pages that I can create using the free version of Elementor and whether or not I can use Elementor for inserting Adsense ads from Google. My previous website was 4000 pages built with an old version of Dreamweaver. This looks easier to use, but I’m concerned about file management. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks, glad it helped! ๐Ÿ™‚
      You can create unlimited pages with Elementor and the second answer is Yes.

  3. This has been the only video that was informative on this what a blessing you are

  4. can you use this method for a shop? i’ve looked at all the time stamps in the description but it doesn’t mention anything about shopping?

  5. Hi Tyler! Thank you to you and your team for creating this! You’ve been a tremendous help! I have successfully completed everything, except for one item. I cannot get my logo to stay in the header. It still shows the WP logo. When I am editing w/elementor I can see it but not live from the desktop. Strangely, it only shows up on mobile version. I updated the desktop, mobile and tablet version and it won’t stay. I have tried it several times and can’t figure out what is going on. Please help! Thank you in advance!

  6. I’ve watched this video and your word press online store video which were both very helpful, but I wanted to know if there is a way to post/embed a snippet of another WP page onto the home page and resize it, so the content takes on a carousel view. Similar to the “featured” section in your online store video, but with a scrolling feature and without having to use the WooCommerce plug in.

  7. ๐Ÿ”Š๐Ÿ“ขthank you so much for show how tobuild my web site. ive been waiting for along time .

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