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How To Make a WordPress Online Store – 2022

Learn how to create a WordPress online store step by step with no step skipped. Make a beautiful ecommerce website that can take credit card payments. Free website giveaway! Fill out the form below to enter a change to win a free website giveaway. You will learn: 1. How to get your own website name. 2. How to build your online store with WordPress. 3. How to make any design you want for your site. 4. How to make it look amazing on any device (phones, tablets). 5. How to add, edit and manage products. 6. How to integrate card payments with Stripe. 7. How to create coupon codes. 8. How to get more sales. 9. How to analyze sales. โ€ฆand much more! You can download the files needed for this design here: Want to add a blog to your online store? Learn how, here: Want to learn more tips and tricks for your new WordPress site? Check out: Setup: 00:00:00 Make An Amazing Online Store 00:05:30 Setup Overview 00:07:32 Domain Name & Hosting 00:14:58 Get Big Hosting Discount Use coupon code UNLOCK for the biggest possible discount. I will also get a commission that allows me to make these in-depth tutorials for free at no additional cost to you, thank you! 00:15:38 Install WordPress 00:18:37 Login & Dashboard 00:20:20 Delete Plugins 00:21:45 Install Theme 00:23:01 Install Template 00:26:59 Delete Posts & Pages 00:28:29 Change Title & Tagline 00:29:22 Global Design & Colors Design: 00:33:14 How To Design Your Site 00:36:35 Homepage Design 00:49:17 Mobile Friendly Homepage 00:52:49 Add a New Section 00:55:36 Insert Products on Pages 00:58:19 Add a New Page 01:05:04 Change the Menu 01:07:47 Make Logo & Site Icon 01:10:47 Header Design 01:14:55 Mobile Friendly Header 01:17:02 Footer Design 01:20:20 Mobile Friendly Footer 01:22:05 Contact Page Design 01:28:08 Contact Form Settings 01:31:20 Mobile Friendly Contact 01:32:43 About Page Design 01:37:52 Shop Page Setup 01:43:07 Shop Page Design Manage: 01:47:05 Add, Edit & Manage Products 01:55:42 Setup Shipping Methods 01:57:52 Setup Card Payments (Stripe) 02:05:52 Manage Orders 02:07:16 Create Coupon Codes 02:08:10 Display a Store Notice 02:09:11 Store / Marketing Reports 02:11:50 Final Design If you have any question or get stuck anywhere at all, just ask in a new comment below. No question is a bad question, and we answer each and every one! #wordpress #onlinestore #ecommercewebsite Hope this helps you create an online store you’ll be super proud of!

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26 thoughts on “How To Make a WordPress Online Store – 2022

  1. great video thank you for creating it, when i install the wordpress and i’m in the backend… when i click on my site to look at it (i’m following the video) I don’t see the black menu bar to take me back to the backend… i’m running WP 6.1 and everything installed correctly.

    1. Yes, if you use then you need to upgrade to a business plan in order to install additional themes and plugins while if you use any other hosting like HostGator then you have access to all the free themes and plugins.

  2. Is there a way to link your Shopify with your WordPress site or do you recommend just make a website on Shopify

  3. I need help please?? I got to install WordPress and I’ve been waiting for my site to load but godaddy page keeps popping up. How can I transfer my domain?

  4. Is elementor something you have to eventually buy ? Because it just stop letting me change it from iPad and phone โ€ฆ? At 35:15 bottom left hand corner that whole rectangle portion it just disappeared completely

  5. Amazing video, brother. Very explicit. Visit our restaurant in UAE, at Louvre Abu Dhabi and get a free treat for this wonderful work.

  6. Dear Tyler,

    I have one question, I made my online store 3 years ago after watching your video instructions. All alone, without prior knowledge. In the meantime, my knowledge and requirements have been upgraded. ๐Ÿ™‚ Now I would like to make a completely new online store, but with the same domain, but until I make a new online store, I would like the old one to work. Then what about transferring the domain later – how do I do it? Can I first set up a new site without a domain and then upload the domain. I hope I wrote clearly. I can also send you the address of the online store, but I’d rather not share too much information publicly. Please help. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for being around so long! ๐Ÿ™‚
      You can first create a sub-domain/staging site on your hosting. I would suggest you contact your hosting company, they can easily help you out. This way you can first create a website on staging site and once the website is ready you can move it to your main domain using this plugin:

  7. Hi Tylor, amazing tutorial..can’t wait to dive in…just have a question will this work on an existing website?

    1. Thanks, glad it helped! ๐Ÿ™‚
      You can first create it on a staging site and once the website is ready you can move it to your main domain.

  8. Hey Tyler! Really a great Video thank you so much.

    I got a question: If I deleted the โ€žCactusโ€œ and โ€žPlantsโ€œ pages completely and also from the trash. Is it possible to recover that somehow?

    Because I just discovered that all of the shortcodes are connected with these pages! Or do I need start over again? Thanks for your help and all the best!


  9. Last comment. I think you should make a video, step-by-step, about this same video with an Amazon storefront, instead of taking payments on this site, everything transfers to the Amazon site for payment with site stripe. Now thatโ€™s a video that will grab some attention. Your followers will love it. Letโ€™s hear some comments on this!

  10. Thanks, Tyler for yet again another excellent tutorial. I encountered some challenges while trying to follow your steps. I could not successfully install the template. The error is ‘parse JSON error’ any idea how to solve this issue?

  11. TYLOR!!! I have no words, this has been the best tutorial I have ever come across on Youtube! You are the best tutor ever!!! Once my site is up and running I will def share my link! THANK YOU THANK YOU! May God continue to bless your business and may 2023 be one smashing year for you!

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