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Memorial Day Safety | Dog Training In Your Home Myrtle Beach
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How to Keep Your Dog Safe Over Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Safety | Dog Training In Your Home Myrtle Beach

Memorial Day Weekend Brings Lots of Activities

May can be a busy time of year: the end of school, extracurricular activities, and the Memorial Day holiday. For some, this is their official start of summer. Which means a lot of activities can be going on this weekend for people to enjoy. If you plan on celebrating with your dog, remember they may need some extra supervision. Let’s look at some Memorial Day safety tips for dogs you can incorporate into the festivities.

Tips to keep your dog safe during Memorial Day Celebrations

Between grilling out, boating, and celebrating outdoors, there are many ways people enjoy the weekend. Here are some ways to ensure your dog can enjoy them, too!

  • Grilling out: Around any open flame, be sure to monitor your dog. That nose of his is leading him to some really good smells and he can’t help but to follow. While it might be easier for your dog to realize a fire in a fire-pit is hot, a grill can be a different story. Make sure your dog is supervised while things are grilling so he doesn’t jump up to grab a goodie and end up with burnt paws. Nobody wants to spend their afternoon in the emergency vet getting their dog’s burns treated instead of being at the party! 
  • Remember the food: Some of our fruits and vegetables are actually quite harmful to a dog’s system and can do quite a lot of damage. This can range from an upset stomach to liver failure, to even death. For a list of foods your dog should avoid, please check out this list at the ASPCA.
  • On the boat: Plenty of dogs love to go out on a boat, and it’s fun to take them. The safest way to have them with you is to get them a doggie life-vest. You can find them at local pet supply stores or online.
  • Outdoor celebrations: The best recommendation would be to keep them on a leash – especially in large crowds. Even if you think your dog is reliable off leash, dogs will be dogs. Anything could possibly spook it or grab it’s attention – meaning you could be chasing after them when you weren’t planning on it.

While we appreciate having a long weekend to relax, let us not forget why we have the holiday in the first place – those who gave their lives for our country and freedom. We would like to take a minute to remember them, and thank them and their families for their sacrifices.

We hope you enjoyed these Memorial Day safety tips for dogs. If you need help with any of these training topics, we would LOVE to help!

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