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Gold Coins

How many GOLD COINS could an adventurer carry? TESTED WITH REAL COINS!!! | FUNCTIONAL FANDOM

Use code SHADIVERSITY14 to get up to 14 FREE MEALS across your first 5 HelloFresh boxes, plus free shipping at In this episode of #FunctionalFandom we see how many GOLD COINS an adventurer could practically carry in real life, TESTED WITH REAL COINS! If you like the content and want to support the channel, you’re welcome to do so through patreon or subscribe star: My novel, Shadow of the Conqueror Audio Book affiliate links: US: UK: CA: AU: Ebook, Paperback and Hardcover available from most major book retailers, here are a few of the main ones: Amazon affiliate link (be sure to navigate to your country’s amazon site): Barnes and Noble: Kobo: Come check out my new channel GAME KNIGHT: Awesome Shirts and chainmail print clothing: Community run discord server: My official website:

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