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The best hotels in Dahab with charming sea views.
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Hotels in Dahab With the Best Sea Views – Curls en Route

Dahab is one of Egypt’s most beautiful beach towns. Its laidback, minimalist vibes and adventurous activities definitely put it on young travelers’ radars. However, its breathtaking nature is probably its number one perk. I mean, sea views and a mountainous backdrop, who wouldn’t fall in love with that? This is why I decided to compile a list of hotels in Dahab that offer wonderful sea views that you’d definitely love to wake up to.

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Where to Stay in Dahab

First things first, it’s important to have a mental map of the areas in Dahab to get an idea of where to stay. There are various neighborhoods in Dahab; however, it’s better to stay near the promenade so you could be closer to the beach. Here’s a breakdown of the areas by the promenade:

  • Mashraba: It’s the cheapest spot to stay near the promenade and it’s also where most of the touristy vibes are – it’s easy to spot a tourist from a traveler there. This, of course, translates into more crowds. I personally don’t like staying in this area.
  • The Lighthouse: This area boasts more diving centers and it has a generally cooler crowd than Mashraba’s. However, it’s become a little bit more crowded as well.
  • Eel Garden: This one’s a pricier area but much quieter and laidback. Its beach is rocky too; however, it’s cool for snorkeling.
  • Assala: My personal favorite is hands down Assala. It’s as chill and laidback as Eel Garden, it’s artsy, and has lovely reefs if you’d like to go snorkeling.

Hotels in Dahab With the Best Sea Views

Dar Dahab

At the very end of Dahab’s promenade in Assala, away from the town’s hustle and bustle, lies an architectural masterpiece overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba. Dar Dahab is a Swiss-Egyptian apart-hotel with eclectic aesthetics and a breathtaking view.

Dar Dahab translates to “home/house of Dahab” in Arabic, and as the name suggests, the place is too cozy that you’ll definitely feel like it’s home away from home. Swiss architect Anthony Julen is the mastermind behind Dar Dahab’s iconic building. The design is inspired by local patterns and the details of the interiors are locally crafted and sourced, such as the salt bricks brought all the way from Siwa Oasis.

Dar Dahab, Dahab © 2022 Curls en Route – All Rights Reserved.

The apart-hotel offers a variety of accommodation options ranging from studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments. All options come with a fully-equipped kitchenette, bathroom, WiFi, satellite TV, and of course, air conditioning.

Book your stay at Dar Dahab here.

Beit Theresa

The Instagram-famous Beit Theresa is situated at the very beginning of the Assalah beach. Beit Theresa is actually not a traditional lodging facility, but rather a collective of 3 holiday rentals each prettier than the other. The earthy boho-chic interiors and decor is all made of natural materials and mostly handcrafted.

Beit Theresa means “house of Theresa” in Arabic, and you sure will feel at home thanks to Mimi and Mamdouh, the owners of the place. One of too many things that Beit Theresa is known for is the selection of personalized activities provided by Mimi and Mamdouh themselves – excursions, dinners, and even movie nights.

If you’re a couple looking for an adventure in heaven on earth, this is definitely your place to stay!

Book your stay at Beit Theresa here.

The best hotels in Dahab with charming sea views.
Assalah Beach, Dahab © 2022 Curls en Route – All Rights Reserved.


Right next door stands Solaris, a lovely stay also overlooking the Assalah beach famous for its tranquility and its reefs. The rooms are brightly lit, vibrant, and offer wonderful sea views.

My favorite part of this hotel is hands down its rooftop. A hammock, a swing, and a sick view, what more could you ask for? I’ll tell you… delicious food! And even that is possible there because Tim’s Munch (one of my favorite breakfast places in Dahab) opened its second branch in town on that rooftop. Jackpot alert?

Book your stay at Solaris here.


Also next door, you’ll find Skyrock, another stay with that very same mesmerizing view. The place offers 8 studio apartments with different styles, yet all oh so chic and vibrant!

Each studio comes with an AC, a satellite TV, WiFi, a seating area, a bathroom, and an equipped kitchenette. The latter features a fridge, stovetop, microwave, and a kettle. Some of the units come with balconies, and there’s also a lovely communal patio to enjoy the charming views.

Book your stay at Skyrock here.


Diamond Dahab Hotel is a simple, minimalist property that’s perfect for those looking for a neat stay and an ideal location. Situated on the promenade as well but in the Eel Garden area, Diamond guarantees a quiet stay that’s a short walking distance to both the Lighthouse and Assalah areas.

The rooms are clean and the ensuite bathroom is quite spacious, and of course, they’re air conditioned. My favorite part about this stay is that it’s right in front of one of my favorite restaurants in town, Eel Garden View. You can swim, work, hang out, and of course, indulge in some delicious dishes. Also, the staff there is incredibly sweet.

Book your stay at Diamond here.

Coral Coast

Another lovely stay on Eel Garden’s beach is Coral Coast. What I love the most about this 3-star hotel is its facilities. It has a diving centre, a yoga studio, and a restobar that’s right on the beach. It’s worth mentioning that Coral Coast’s restobar is probably the only decent one in town. Dahab is not really a nightlife destination; it’s more of a morning town, so Coral Coast is my favorite place to spend an evening in Dahab.

hotels in Dahab with the best views
Coral Coast Hotel, Dahab © 2022 Curls en Route – All Rights Reserved.

It’s worth mentioning that the hotel has a small swimming pool – it’s not like you’d need one in Dahab, but it’s still a cool bonus. There’s also a massage studio, so whenever you’re back from a rigorous hike or rock climbing sesh, it’s good to have your back covered – literally!

As for the rooms, they’re brightly lit and colored, and there are various options for different kinds of travelers. So, whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple, or a family, there’s a room that’ll accommodate you.

Book your stay at Coral Coast here.

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Resort Hotels in Dahab

Looking for a more all-inclusive resort-style stay? Even though it’s really the Dahab way, but to each his own – some travelers feel more comfortable in resort hotels. Just bear in mind that if you stay in one of the following resort hotels, hang out spots won’t be a walking distance, so you should either have a car or you can just get a taxi.

Other Hotels in Dahab Worth Checking Out

Looking for other good hotels and sea views aren’t a priority? Here are some other options for different budgets:

Best hotels in Dahab
Alf Leila Boutique Hotel, Dahab © 2021 Curls en Route – All Rights Reserved.

FAQ: Should I stay in a hotel, a hostel, or an Airbnb?

I wouldn’t really recommend hostels in Dahab. They’re mostly too tacky in my opinion and other accommodations in Dahab are still quite affordable. Also, people in Dahab are super friendly and it’s so easy to make new friends there, especially that it’s a digital nomads’ destinations.

As for Airbnbs, it’s a great option if you’re traveling with a group of friends. You can find pretty stays in Assalah, in particular. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Where to stay in Dahab?
Dahab – Cancun Airbnb, Dahab © 2021 Curls en Route – All Rights Reserved.

To sum it up, I’m team hotel for short stays/vacations. In case you’re going for a long period of time, I’d highly recommend you rent an apartment or studio. You can stay in a hotel for a few nights and start your hunt when in town, or you can check out this Facebook group.

Planning a trip to Dahab? Make sure to check out my travel guide here.

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