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Fun Corporate Team-Building Activities & Business Outing Ideas Everyone Will Remember

Are you starting to notice some droopy shoulders around the office? The modern day workplace is becoming more and more demanding, with people spending long hours at the office or stuck behind a computer at home. More pressure means less time for leisure and personal life. It’s not just hard work affecting our health. Desk jobs can cause sleep deprivation, obesity, and even depression. No time like the present to plan to shake things up.

Team outings are a great way to facilitate bonding with your team members, reduce employee stress, and give them the chance to get to know one another outside of the office. After determining the goals of the team-building event, you should have a clear idea of activities that will align with these goals.

Team activities work best for a more extroverted group, so if your team isn’t into strutting their stuff on an event stage, consider some of the team activity ideas in this article that caters more to those personalities.

It’s a great way to let your team members unwind, catch up over some drinks, and express their creativity.

Corporate Days Out in Ireland

A company outing can be a great way to bring team members closer and build stronger relationships. But, it is not just about having fun. It also provides an opportunity to strengthen the company culture and promote teamwork. It is important to plan the events in advance and make sure that they are memorable for all of the right reasons.

It is always a great idea to plan a day out of the office for your coworkers. This is because it will allow them to have some time off from their work and be able to relax. A day out of the office can be planned as a team building exercise or just as a way for everyone to enjoy themselves. In order for these activities to be successful, there are several things that you need to take into account. You need to ensure that the activities are safe, interesting, and fun. You also need to make sure that they are affordable and accessible for everyone who wants to participate in them. Typically the business covers all the costs associated with the outing.

There are many different types of activities that can be planned so you should choose one and build some positivity within the team. We have put together some cheap ideas and also outlined a professional venue that will take care of a complete package.

Here are 5 very cheap events ideas that you should consider for your company outing:

1) Corporate Olympics: You can organise this event on a weekend and divide participants into teams. Participants will need to take part in various challenges like tug-of-war, sprinting, or relay races. The winning team will get a prize at the end of the day!

2) Company Picnic: This is a classic event idea for company outings! You can organise it outdoors and make it as simple or elaborate as you want. You just need to make sure that you provide healthy snacks and beverages for everyone and pack a picnic lunch!

3) Break-In: This is a fun game where employees can work together to break into an office. The goal is to enter the office, find all of your company’s secrets, then escape through the back door! You’ll need to work together as a team and make sure you have a decent escape plan in case someone’s wrong guess ends up getting caught! Escape room ideas are great for small teams and are very popular in most cities around Ireland.

4) Treasure Hunt: Ask your employees to bring any items that represent their culture. On the day of the event, divide them into teams and give each team a list of items that they must find. Once they have found them all, they will deliver them to you in a bucket. After the bucket is delivered, give each team a prize and the winning team gets to keep it! Very simple for some office fun.

5) Costume Party: If you have an office full of creative people who love dressing up and having fun this is a great idea! Get everyone together and have some drinks as well as snacks (the event is a little messy). Then set everything up, open the doors, and let all those costumes come out!

Looking for an Irish venue that takes care of everything?

A corporate day out at Adventure Park is a great way to build team chemistry and teamwork. If you’re wondering how a trip at Adventure Park would help team building within your organisation, just know that nothing says I got your back like diving in front of a high-speed paintball. They have a wide range of activities such as archery, karting, paintball, laser tag and even gladiator jousting.

Adventure Park has the space and the ideas to help you accelerate your team’s growth and improve communication and chemistry. With the perfect combination of outdoor activities and experienced staff, Adventure Park is a unique location for corporate events.

Go-Karting Is Fun For Everyone

There’s nothing like a bit of competition to bond a group together. An adrenaline-pumping activity like kart racing is a great way to get employees to interact with one another in a totally new and fun way. Just make sure everyone pays attention during the safety lecture.

Kart Racing is becoming more popular throughout Ireland. A competitive day out is a sure way to get groups talking afterwards. Kart racing is a great way to get introduced into the sport of motorsports. It is affordable, yet it still provides an adrenaline rush and plenty of thrills for small and large groups.

At Adventure Park, they have decades of experience organising the perfect day out Karting. Just give their team a call to discuss the many options available.

Plan Your Next Day Out At Adventure Park

Adventure Park is based outside Cork and has a proven track record of delivering the best Corporate Days out. They deliver a one of a kind experience for all ages and can cater for all manner of events. Group events, corporate, school tours, youth clubs to stag do weekends, hen parties and fun filled family days out. You name it, they have it covered.

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