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Full Spectrum Bulb vs. Standard LED – Is a grow light worth it or do your seedlings not care?

One of my favourite parts of gardening is the experimentation that goes along with it. It’s a continual process of learning and improving on your findings. Recently I came to realize I just don’t have enough window space for all the plants I want to start indoors. A good solution for me was to utilize some old desk lamps for supplemental light that would easily pack away for the rest of the year. While I started by using any light bulb I had available I got curious whether a grow light aka full spectrum bulb would provide an additional benefit to the seedlings. In this video I put them to the test against each other to see if the extra $$$ for the grow light is worth it. I’ll show you the process and results from start to finish so you know exactly what to expect! 0:00 – Intro 1:21 – Planting 1:51 – Placing seedlings under lights 2:41 – Week 2 update 3:20 – Week 4 update 3:48 – Week 6 update 6:10 – Final Thoughts

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