A recent redesign project – H had this pendant that her parents gave her as a teenager, decades ago. She liked the colour of the stone but needed a new setting in order to wear it again. However, she was a little worried that the stone would be too big for her to wear as an everyday pendant.

Since the stone was quite large, we decided to keep the design plain and focus on the vibrant blue, so we made a plain bezel surrounding the stone. We chose to make a slightly oversized catch, making a statement. We also wanted to bring forward something from the old design, so based on the circular pattern that was so obvious in the old piece, we made a similar design on the sides of the pendant, so that you can only see it from certain angles. The circles and the lace looking pattern give an almost antique look, enhanced by the raw finish of the original white gold. It also matches her chain beautifully.

What started out as an old-fashioned pendant with a stone that was almost too big to wear around the neck, became a simple (but not plain) pendant for her to wear for years to come.

The circular pattern on the sides was inspired by the old pendant design.

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