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Erection denial cont….

I know some people do not read the comments as there is no threshold moment to know when to read comments on any particular post, on the basis they have all finally been made. I therefore provide a couple below that may be of interest.

A comment, and my answer

The Comment

I have a suggestion Mistress Scarlett. If he is so desperate to get his hands on an erect penis, perhaps you could let him jerk a big realistic dildo instead. If he held it just above his cage and jerked it then perhaps it would bring back memories of when he could play with himself. I can only speculate as whether this would be pleasant, or heartbreakingly frustrating.

My Answer

Well I already undertake a torment of him I very much enjoy, involving him wearing a strap-on but with me, wanking it, then sucking it, then having it penetrate me. The activity is named the kitchen collage torment. (I describe in fine detail an occasion of using it in my Volume 20 of my journals in the journal entry entitled: 23 August 2022: Quandaries of tormenting options.)

I adore inflicting this torment as it really, really upsets him. He is so close to actual tears throughout. Each stage is worse for him than the previous stage, but he is already utterly distressed just at stage 1. My repeated reminder to him that he is prohibited for the rest of his life from these things, make it so much worse for him. And for the last five months the addition of him being erection-free all the time is the icing on the cake

A delightful Comment from Mistress Christine!

Yes, I agree with you totally. David’s plight has increased exponentially since I forbid erections. Since November 2021, David has had just one erection. That was for a few minutes at most, when he drew a release in September 2022.
For me too it is the BEST rush I have ever had, and I love that David constantly pleads his absolute need for having erections. It is amusing to note he begs to erect, not to cum; confirming the magnitude of his desire to erect.
David even begs to be allowed an erection and then be teased and edged mercilessly, before being denied and locked back up. I used to do this on a regular basis; and it really drove him wild, screaming with frustrated desire. He would even shed tears it was so intensely frustrating.
I have mentioned before, he described this as the most intense, bittersweet torture, the sweet part being the raging erection he had. His defect was ever so enlarged, and it was literally as rigid as a steel bar. It twitched and jerked about like it had life of its own. I loved to see this, but sadly for him, no erections is ever so much more fun for me. He now constantly experiences the most intensely bitter torture, with the most bitter aspect magnified enormously. In his words it is a thousand times worse!

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