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Elementary Schools Coding Night: Games and Challenges for K-5 on Feb 9
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Elementary Schools Coding Night: Games and Challenges for K-5 on Feb 9

The PTO STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) Council invites Woodland, Country, and Field School families to Coding Night at the Woodland Cafeteria and Gym on Thursday, February 9, from 5:30-7:30 pm. Kids can earn prizes by completing various coding games and challenges. No coding experience is necessary.

Note that this is not a drop-off and drive-away-quickly event. Children are required to be accompanied by an adult and to bring their assigned school Chromebook to participate in many of the activities. Parents will need to submit the 2022_23 WPS Device User Agreement if they have not already for students to take assigned Chromebooks home from school.

In addition, K-5 Coding Night Volunteers are Needed!! The STEM Council is looking for parents, middle school students, and high school students to help on the evening of Thursday, February 9, with our K-5 Coding Night. Volunteers will help set-up/break-down the event and facilitate moving children through the various activity tables.

Volunteer roles will vary from “no coding experience” to “some coding experience” required. If you are interested, please sign up here or email Alison King, Mark McKnight, BJ Grattan, or Stephanie Mazitschek.

By the way, on a completely random sidebar, one of the Owlets showed me ChatGPT and fed in some past Owl stories and potential next stories. The end result was startlingly good. I may stop actually writing the Owl and just feed in stuff and add random sarcastic comments. Please note that at Coding Night, kids will not be learning how to scam their English grades–but rather real, and hopefully making-the-world-a-better-place, coding.

Go ‘cats!

All photos courtesy of 2019 Facebook Weston PTO.

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