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Edging frustration automated and computerised

Technology appears to have entered the realm of tease and denial. Has anyone had experience of the wares of The Edgeomatic website?

These devices are designed to be used with an inflatable butt plug and a hummingbird magic wand attachment, which can be purchased alongside all NoGasm & Edge-o-Matic kits. The vibrator is designed to accept any standard magic wand attachment, so you are free to experiment with your favorite means of stimulation.

Depending on the model, sensitivity and response time can be calibrated to provide an early cutoff or late, resulting in a perfect ruined orgasm machine for sadists or a controlled, prolonged edging session.

Newer versions, like the Edge-o-Matic 3000, have a built-in display and remote web interface which can be used to control the toy, including adjust sensitivity, vibration speeds, and allow an orgasm on the next spike. Future product plans include ability to link multiple units together to create a synchronized play session with multiple users.

The NoGasm and Edge-o-Matic are perfect devices for orgasm denial enthusiasts, bondage aficionados, robo-sex connoisseurs, and those who want all the pleasure of someone else in control without having to find that someone else.

I would love to know how effective it might be although I am concerned about any means by which there is a possibility of orgasm while my puppet remains erection-free and caged. (erection-free coming up for five months now!)

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