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Dreamer Isioma is Fine with the World Ending on New Single and Video “Fuck Tha World”

Dreamer Isioma photo by Swiper

Dreamer Isioma continues their journey as Princess Forever on their newest single, “Fuck Tha World,” a cosmic and free-spirited declaration of, well, not giving a fuck. Complete with a narrative music video written by Isioma themself, the vast space adventure, which jumps from location to location, contrasts the relatively laidback doomsday prepping of the lyrics. Next to the previously released “Dumb In Love With You,” the two make for the beginning of what will be a transformative odyssey in their career thus far.


The beating heart of the track is undoubtedly the sleek velveteen guitars. Gliding in the same fashion as the spaceship that crash lands on Earth (or Terra 2000 in the continuity of the video), they work wonders alongside Isioma’s raspy vocals that bear pain and leisure. “It’s all gonna blow up anyways,” they sing, clearly content with the end of a world that never gave anything back. And rather than staying behind, the song punctuates their readiness to go back into space and leave it all behind. The result is a creative vision where the visuals and music work together in telling the story, rather than one being a companion or subsidiary to the other.


When they first broke onto the scene as Serena Isioma, no one could have guessed they would be reinventing themself at such an early stage of their career. But if the music video is any indication of what Isioma strives for as an artist, it’s aiming high into space and reshaping the familiar into a wholly unique identity.

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Words: David Sosa

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