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Do you have CCTV installed in your home or business yet?

If you’re thinking about installing CCTV in your home, there are several benefits to consider. In this short article we will explore why you need it and how it can protect you from crime. 

You can also use CCTV footage as evidence of crimes or suspicious activities. In addition to protecting you from criminals, CCTV can help keep your family safe.

What can CCTV do for your protection?

When properly placed, CCTV systems can help prevent crime and identify perpetrators. In cases of a serious accident, security cameras can also help investigate what may have caused it. Having CCTV systems in your home can also help you improve the safety of your family. In addition to being an effective deterrent, security cameras can also help prevent accidents, which is a great way to protect your home and belongings.

Having a security camera can help you protect your home or workplace. It can also help in resolving disputes between employees or family members when an emergency takes place. Even if a criminal does not commit an act, the security camera will allow you to view the video footage and notify you of any issues that may be of concern. 

Crime rates in Ireland – Tackling burglaries

Today in Ireland, CCTV systems have become a vital security system for both rural and urban homes and businesses. With the proliferation of burglaries, it’s vital to use a surveillance system to keep an eye on your property. 

Garda operations are targeting burglaries as an area of concern. Operation THOR is a multi-strand approach to tackling burglaries with an emphasis on preventing the crime from happening in the first instance. Operation Thor actively targets organised crime gangs and repeat offenders through co-ordinated crime prevention and enforcement activity based on intelligence and the latest burglary trends. Operation THOR has successfully reduced the rate of winter burglaries, leading to a significant decline in property related crime since its introduction in 2015.

In addition to preventing property crime, security cameras systems can prevent vandalism, antisocial behaviour, and even unauthorised vehicles. CCTV systems are scalable, so adding cameras is easy. With the proper setup, CCTV will provide 360-degree coverage of your property.

CCTV systems also allow you to protect your commercial property. Installing security cameras in high-risk areas can help prevent damage or fire. With careful monitoring, emergency measures can be taken immediately. In case of a crime, CCTV recordings can help law enforcement agencies catch suspects. These video recordings can be used as evidence and released to the public. It can be the difference between arresting a criminal and avoiding a catastrophe.

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