DIY Doc McStuffins DocMobile Cover
Halloween is coming up and Disney Junior’s characters are on the hot list for costumes this year!  My girls and I went crazy when we saw the Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Halloween costume display in the toys section at Walmart.  The Doc McStuffins costume is amazing and I grabbed two for Seven and Prynne.  If you love the Doc Mobile pictured above, keep reading for step by step instructions on how to make a DIY Doc McStuffins DocMobile out of a red wagon!
Doc McStuffins Display #juniorcelebrates #cbias #shop
They also had all the accessories you could want to go with your Doc McStuffins Halloween costume:  the pink and purple doctor kit bag with all of Doc’s tools, stuffed animals of Lambie with her ballerina tutu, Hallie the hippo nurse, Chilly the snowman, and  Stuffy the brave dragon.  They also had a toy DocMobile, Doc’s portable clinic for toys.  Doc McStuffins Costumes Shop #juniorcelebrates #cbias #shop
I wanted to use this set of Halloween costumes for the for the school Harvest Festival, but I wanted to add something to the costumes to really make a splash.  That’s when I came up with this idea:  I would turn our little red wagon into a life-size DIY Doc McStuffins DocMobile!
I envisioned the wagon turning into a fun prop that the kids could use at the harvest festival and pull behind them during trick or treating.  With the back opening pink doors, I can imagine them using the wagon to store all of their candy and Halloween loot during the night!
The girls were so excited to get the Doc McStuffins costumes on.  Here they are with their costumes (which come with dress, pants, headband, doctor coat, and stethoscope) and the Doc McStuffins doctor kit (filled with all of the doctor tools).
They couldn’t wait to play with the stuffed Lambie, Hallie, and Chilly, but I told them to wait until the friends had their seats ready on the doc mobile!Doc McStuffins Costumes #juniorcelebrates #cbias #shop
Then I got to work on building my most epic DIY to date:  a Doc Mobile portable toy clinic!  If you want to create this fun DIY Halloween prop for your kids dressing up as Doc for Halloween, just follow along with my easy directions below.

How to Make a DIY Doc McStuffins Doc Mobile out of a Red Wagon

DIY- Doc McStuffins DocMobile Project Home Ever After #juniorcelebrates #cbias #shopStep 1:  Start with a plain wagon.
Step 2:  Lay out enough pieces of white foam core board (I got mine from the dollar store) to cover the sides and top of your wagon.
Step 3:  Wearing a mask and painting glasses, spray paint the top side of each foam board with a light purple spray paint.  I used Krylon ColorMaster in GumDrop.  Allow to dry for 1 hour.
Step 4:  Attach purple foam board to each side with looped duct tape on the back of the board.
Step 5:  Use a box knife to cut round wheel wells above the tires.
Step 6:  Secure the bottom of the board to the wagon with purple duct tape.
Step 7:  Attach a purple foam board to the top for a roof using purple duct tape at the seams.
Step 8:  Reinforce the sides by applying a strip of duct tape across the top and bottom of the back.
Step 9:  Fold a square of pink posterboard in half, trace a heart shape, and cut out.
Step 10:  Cut the square in half to form the back 2 doors.
Step 11:  Attach the doors to the sides with duct tape.  They will swing open freely.  Tape closed if you don’t want them to open.
Step 12:   Use the heart that you cut out in step 10.  Punch 2 sets of holes for white pipecleaners to go through. Twist and secure on the back.
Step 13:  Attach the heart to the Doc Mobile and insert toy tools.
Step 14:  Write “Doc Mobile” on the heart with marker.
Step 15:  Use an old sippee cup or plastic bowl for a siren.  Tape to the roof, then mold pink playdough around the base to secure.
Step 16: Reinforce the front with duct tape.
Step 17:  Add pink poster board to form the seat.
Step 18:  Cut out pictures from the Doc calendar or coloring book and tape on the walls!
Trick or- Treating DIY DocMobile #juniorcelebrates #cbias #shop
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did.  Follow along with other Disney Junior Halloween celebrations using the hashtag #JuniorCelebrates and have a spooky trip around your block!Doc-McStuffins-Trick-or-Treating-Seven-Prynne #juniorcelebrates #cbias #shop

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and Danelle Ice has been compensated by #CollectiveBias #cbias and Disney Junior to create content to promote Doc McStuffins. Only Danelle’s honest opinions are given.