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Designing the Perfect Gaming Room: 6 Tips to Get You Started

Are you thinking of designing a new gaming room? Or maybe it’s time to spruce up the old one? Whatever your situation, if you are a gaming enthusiast, then setting up a new space for games is the ideal choice. A dedicated space for gaming can give you more convenience and make playing much more fun. Read on if you’ve been thinking about remodelling your gaming room! This blog post will get you inspired to renovate your own gaming room. Read on to learn more…

Choose Ambient Lighting

Lighting is a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of any design. For gamers, having dim lighting is a must. You don’t want sudden flashes or dazzling light while immersed in your game. The ambient lighting in your gaming room should be low-level and consistent. Invest in dimmable bulbs and lighting fixtures. You can also add spotlights or wall lights that point toward your gaming setup.

Add Trim Lighting

Adding lighting trims to your desk, furniture and walls can give you more light to enhance your gameplay. LED strip lighting is popular with gamers as you can buy LED lighting that is adjustable with various colours to help you change the lighting when needed.

Add Installed Game Shelves

Chances are, your games and gaming equipment have already built up, and you may have many games stacked in a corner somewhere. The best solution for this is to install game shelves. You can either build them yourself or buy readymade ones. Aesthetically, these shelves look great and are extremely helpful as well. You can neatly arrange your games on these shelves to free up much-needed space for your equipment.

Choose the right furniture.

You need a dedicated gaming area that includes a gaming desk, a comfortable chair and enough space to add your monitors and additional equipment such as headphones and extra controls.
If your gaming room is your bedroom, you can look into Cuckooland’s gaming beds for inspiration or use a raised bed to increase storage options.

Pay attention to the placement in the room

Always keep the screen and seating arrangement in mind while choosing the placement of your gaming setup. While putting your gaming console right next to a couch or a bed may be tempting, it’s not a good idea. Keep all the electrical and electronic equipment away from areas where people walk and sit. Make sure you are minimising glare on your screen for any natural light, so pay close attention to where the windows are in relation to your set-up to reduce distractions.

Install Soundproofing Material

If you’ve ever hosted a gaming marathon, you know that games can get quite noisy. While the clatter of buttons and joysticks is part of the fun, it is good to invest in soundproofing material for your gaming room. Some of the best soundproofing materials include cork, rubber, and fabrics. You can also install soundproof doors or acoustic tiles to reduce the noise level.


Designing the perfect gaming room is both fun and challenging. Before you start, sit down and list everything you want in your new gaming space. Think about the layout, lighting, and other design elements that are important to you. There are tons of ways to design your gaming room. You can opt for modern or classic styles or get creative and come up with your own unique design. All you need to do is follow these tips and start designing your ideal gaming room today.

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