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CREATE WITH ME- Making a Baby Cuddle Nest- DIY

In this video I am sharing with you how I made a cuddle nest for my baby girl. But this could also be a really cute DIY for a pet 😀 Comment and like if you enjoyed this video and subscribe for more DIY content! Supplies and tools needed to make your own cuddle nest: Baking- or pattern paper 3 meters jersey fabric 1 meter foam (volume fleece) 1 kilo cotton filling Thread Tools: Pencil Ruler Sewing machine Needle Links: Here is a video about the matrass stitch (here referred to as the ladder stitch): Cotton filling I used:

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22 thoughts on “CREATE WITH ME- Making a Baby Cuddle Nest- DIY

    1. It is called a quilting sheet I believe. It’s a sort of foam used for the inside of quilts. Good luck! 💕

    1. @Katja Hermann by the way how nice you are… literally many of youtubers didn’t ever replied to my comments😶but i m happy you just replied me…lots of love from🇮🇳india to you n ur cutie babyy❤💕

    2. @_💜[email protected]_p!nk💗_ thank you for your kind words! 💕 Maybe it’s harder to answer everyone if you have a lot of followers, probably that’s why they didn’t comment back…

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