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Cotton Baby Bassinet Cribs Baby Nest for Cosleeping mp4

. SOFT AND COMFORTABLE MATERIAL – Made of soft cotton and high-quality elastic pearl cotton material filler, filled in space cotton on the bumper to build a high contour to prevent baby from rolling out from the bed. Suitable for 0-12 months baby; Free with Summer Mat . PERFECT FOR CO-SLEEPING – Baby likes to be protected and most babies are easily roused from sleep. We adopted the bionics principle simulated the mom’s warm womb created a snug and warm environment so the baby will feel safe and comfortable when sleeping at the baby’s nest. Easier for you to transiting them from bed to their cribs . PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT – The Baby lounger dimension is 30.7*18.1*6.6 inches and the weight is 2.6lbs. It is designed like a handbag that you can organize the bed into the zipper cover and take with you when traveling . ADJUSTABLE LENGTH – With baby growth untie the tail band the baby nest can be used for baby within 0 – 12 months old. Full removable process easy to clean, bottom and fence core can be removed.

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