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Continuous Glucose Management Helps Me Live A Fuller Life  – Makeup Review And Beauty Blog

A routine blood test and there was one more person with diabetes in our family, ME! Things were already quite difficult managing as a diabetes caregiver, but this was shattering. I and my family already knew how difficult it can get to maintain glucose levels, especially with a 4-year-old at home. However, we already knew a lot about diabetes and decided to not let this hamper my life. 

Is there any permanent cure for diabetes? Well no, It’s all about how to manage the glucose levels which will help you live a normal life. My family and doctor took charge of me and helped me accept, and manage my diabetes.  

Recently, I attended a Facebook session, where a doctor and nutritionist educated the audience about effective diabetes management. They discussed that proper diet, medication, exercises, and regular glucose monitoring are necessary to live a normal routine. 

High blood sugar (glucose) levels, can lead to more serious complications and damage body parts such as the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys, and nerves. Thus, it is essential to have regular visits to the doctor, and have a glucose measuring device at home. Regular monitoring has helped me avoid any delays in treatment and diabetes-related complications.  

Last year, I got a Continuous Glucose Monitoring device that is helping me and my family monitor glucose levels. Traditional glucose monitoring needs daily calibrations, and painful finger pricks, while revolutionary sensor-based monitoring systems help in holistic diabetes management without finger pricks, continuously for up to 14 days. It gives real-time results and thus helps my doctor to get the required daily information.  

Diabetes management during festivals has also become easier with the Continuous Glucose Monitoring device. It no more feels like walking a tightrope, when my glucose levels are in the normal range. Regular monitoring with a customized diet plan by a doctor, and a glucose monitoring system is a handy solution to keep a check on any blood glucose highs (hyperglycemia) or lows (hypoglycemia).  

Continuous Glucose Monitoring or CGM helps me get a clear idea of the impact of any particular food and take informed decisions quickly. This helps in maintaining the target blood glucose levels and minimizes the risk of any further diabetes complications.  

Sensor-based monitoring devices such as Freestyle libre give real-time information on glucose level trends. It also lets one check the readings frequently throughout the day and thus quick response about high or low blood glucose levels gets easier. 

Now I am more informed and can take timely decisions to improve my quality of life. I can see clear data in the form of glucose level trends and visual graphs. This is quite easy to understand and I also share the same with my doctor. My CGM device, Freestyle libre, records highs and lows, post-meal spikes, and even any worrying overnight trends, which is a great help guide. 

Thus, this metric plays an essential role in diabetes management practices. Diet, exercise, and treatment can be planned accordingly. 


CGM helps me live a fuller life! Continuous Glucose Monitoring system is helpful to people with various types of diabetes.  Continuous glucose monitoring technology has made glucose level monitoring easier, preventing potential blood sugar fluctuations. This has helped me make informed choices and lead a healthier life. 

Know more about Continuous Glucose Monitoring here.  

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Disclaimer: The information mentioned in this document is only suggestive/for patient education and shall not be considered as a substitute for doctor’s advice or recommendations from Abbott. Please consult your doctor for more information 

Any photos displayed are for illustrative purposes only. Any person depicted in such photos is a model.

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