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Cleaning, some people love it, and some don't. I love to clean because I find it to be cathartic. But, if you fall into the I'd rather do almost anything than clean; I've got cleaning tips and tools to make the whole situation less painful.

Cleaning Tips and Tools


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Cleaning Tips and Tools

Cleaning, some people love it, and some don’t. I love to clean because I find it to be cathartic. But, if you fall into the I’d rather do almost anything than clean; I’ve got cleaning tips and tools to make the whole situation less painful.

What can I write about cleaning a room that hasn’t already been written?

Why am I dedicating an entire blog post to cleaning tips and tools?

I’m here to share the basics to get the job done to move on to fun things like painting furniture and picking out lamps.

I do believe cleaning a room can change your perspective. Even if you don’t love what you currently have, there’s something about a tidy room that looks and smells clean that makes you feel good.


Are you a clean your entire house in one day person? Maybe you use the one-room per day method.

Or perhaps your motto is when it looks dirty, clean it.

I’m not here to lobby for one system over another. You do you.

I am here to share the tips and tools that work for me.

If they work for me, I assume they may work for you.

Hopefully, you will discover something within these paragraphs that will make cleaning faster and easier, so you have more time to do fun things, like just about anything other than cleaning your bathtub.

Decluttering and Cleaning- Part Two

Cleaning Tips and Tools

This post is part two of Decluttering and Cleaning- The How and Why Guide.

Suppose you’ve decluttered your space; congratulations! You are ready to clean.

If you haven’t cleared the clutter, take a few minutes and click the link above to get started.

(As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission)

My Best Cleaning Tips

The following tips apply to cleaning any room in your home.

Once again, I’m sharing what works well for me. So glean what you will from it.

  1. Music is mandatory (for me)
  2. Assemble a cleaning caddy
  3. Clear any trash first
  4. Return wayward items if necessary to the proper room
  5. Dust first, starting at the top
  6. Sweep or vacuum
  7. Wipe hard surfaces
  8. Mop last


When I listen to music or a podcast while cleaning, it seems less like work. I have a Bluetooth speaker I move from room to room, but sometimes I will use my earbuds. You could also use noise-canceling headphones.

Music ✅

Assemble a Cleaning Caddy

Do you have a cleaning caddy? I just recently put one together, and I love it so much.

I’ve wasted so many years not using one.

Here’s what’s currently in my caddy.

  1. Weiman Stainless Cleaner
  2. Dawn Platinum
  3. Microfiber cloths
  4. Paper Towels
  5. Life Changing Window Cleaner or Sprayway
  6. A plastic tumbler
  7. Scrubbing sponges
  8. Swiffer 3 ft. Extendable Duster (changed my vertically challenged life)

Did you notice I didn’t list a specific bathroom cleaner? I use Dawn for everything; tub, shower, toilet. You could add a disinfecting spray cleaner if you wanted. Dawn is a degreaser, kills germs, and doesn’t harm the environment.

I try to use my microfiber cloths as much as possible, but you still need a paper towel every once in a while.

I purchased the extendable Swiffer, and let me tell you; it has been life-changing. I’m 5’3,” and there are so many things I can reach now without having to drag the step ladder out. I love it so much.

Trash Walk

Grab one of the 1000 plastic bags you’ve been saving and pick up all trash. This is especially important in kids’ rooms. They usually have wayward goldfish and whatnot that you don’t want to suck up in your expensive vacuum cleaner.

Now return wayward items that have migrated into the space.

Make the Bed

For bedrooms, make the bed next if necessary. Making the bed makes the room instantly feel neater.

Dust Everything

Next, starting at the top of the room, dust; over the door frames, windows and sills, ceiling fans. Work your way down to the furniture in the room. There’s no point in vacuuming before you dust. Dust all the things.

If you haven’t done a deep clean in a couple of months, go ahead and take everything off shelves and tables.

Wipe down all the hard surfaces with your cleaner of choice or just a damp cloth.

Vacuum and Mop

Now you’re ready to vacuum, then mop in rooms with hard floors.

See how easy that was.

A word about bathrooms and kitchens.

I start with dusting in bathrooms and kitchens like any other room.


In the kitchen, after dusting, I move everything on the counters or slide everything forward, then I wipe the countertops and backsplash, push everything back, then wipe the rest of the countertop.

There are always crumbs, so go ahead and knock those off on the floor to be swept or vacuumed up. You don’t want to vacuum twice.

Next, wipe down all your appliances, large and small.

Vacuum, then mop, and you’re done.


Dust all hard surfaces first, then vacuum. Once you have a dusty bathroom floor wet, you’ve just made mud. You do not want this.

Start by cleaning your vanity sink first. Slide any products from the countertop in the sink(s) while you wipe everything down. (If you declutter first, you should only have minimal items on your counters. I said what I said.)

After your countertops are sparkling, clean the mirror. Proceed with cleaning the toilet, tub, and shower.

Mop the floor, and you’re finished.


There’s an App for That.

There’s an app for almost everything, and cleaning is no exception.

Kendra, The Lazy Genius, recommended Tody in one of her podcast episodes.

The app costs $5.99, but I think it’s worth it. I realize six dollars seems high for an app.

It takes a few minutes to set it up, but it’s almost like a game after that.

You can customize it and set due dates for different tasks that fit your schedule.

Do You Have a Cleaning Hack?

Now it’s your turn. Do you have a tried and true cleaning hack you swear by?

Inquiring cleaning minds need to know. So share your greatness in the comments.

See you next week when it will finally be time to talk about a furniture project.


Cleaning, some people love it, and some don't. I love to clean because I find it to be cathartic. But, if you fall into the I'd rather do almost anything than clean; I've got cleaning tips and tools to make the whole situation less painful.


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