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Carpet Simi Valley

Carpet Simi Valley | Custom Upholstery Simi Valley

Carpet Simi Valley

We are the oldest Carpet Simi Valley store in Southern California with the highest customer service ratings in Southern California; how is that for Simi Valley pride?

Carpet Simi Valley carries carpets from such amazing brand names as Shaw, Royalty, and Camelot to name a few. We carry over 10,800 carpets from Shaw Carpet Simi Valley in Simi Valley.

How would you like to guarantee that you will be 100% happy with your next Carpet Simi Valley in Simi Valley? We perform all our installations, and you only pay your installation after 100% satisfactory completion; that’s how we maintain 100% customer satisfaction.

We do commercial Carpet Simi Valley in Simi Valley and Residential carpet in Simi Valley. So whether you are a business, church, or rental home, or your home we are your Simi Valley carpet experts.

We offer next day Carpet Simi Valley installation, so if you are in a rush, we can accommodate you.

We also offer a huge line of carpets that are on special, so if you are on a strict budget or need Simi Valley rental carpet for a home or apartment that you are renting or selling we are your budget friendly Carpet Simi Valley location.

We specialize in carpet, so we have every type of carpet imaginable.

There are three main types of carpet; first is Loop Berber, which is more of a commercial loop type of carpet which is very durable and wear resistant. The second is Cut Pile carpet which is the most traditional style which is usually thick and comfortable. The third style of carpet is shag, also called frieze which is usually a taller looser heavyweight style carpet. After your choose carpet for your Simi Valley home, then the next step is to choose one of a thousand colors.  Coincidentally, I found that most people choose a style of Carpet Simi Valley that they had when they were kids growing up. People figure that is the way carpet is supposed to look and feel, but I suggest choosing a Carpet Simi Valley that provides the most comfort and versatility for your living environment.

Please price around and compare us. I love it when a customer is pricing between Home Depot and us because I am so proud to offer our clients prices on average 30% less than any big box store. The reason is that the big chains don’t have installers, and they subcontract out their work to the local shops like us. Another thing to keep in mind is that we offer immediate in-home consultations, immediate professional measures where you own the measurements, and quick installations from our installers who have been working here for decades. We can offer these services because we are local, whereas the big stores take around a month to process your paperwork between their subcontractors.

We are not just some guy working in a hardware store; we are a full interior design center and workroom, so we offer special services with real professional interior designers.

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