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Budget/Premium LED Grow Light UPDATE! Atreum, ViparSpectra, Maxsisun, SpiderFarmer, MarsHydro Review

Some of the best entry level lights on the market! Competition forces LED grow light makers to improve quality at lower prices. Reputable sellers are doing the proper lab testing so you know exactly what you’re getting. This video review gives updated specs on previous models. The expanded line up includes: Spider Farmer, Mars Hydro, ViparSpectra, Maxsisun & Atreum Lighting. 7 popular “1000” LED grow lights. Some are ideal for small scale “medicinal” grows. But they’re for home gardeners, growing lettuce, microgreens, seedlings & herbs. 5 Premium Models: HYDRA-1000, XS1000, SF1000, MF1000 & TS1000. 2 Quality Budget Lights: PB1000 Pro & P1000. Which are the best grow lights? It depends on your budget & application. This video covers the key metrics that will help you to decide. My PPFD readings compare light levels & quite importantly, we have lots of THIRD PARTY LAB REPORTS! 0:00 – Overview TEST REPORTS: 00:30 – Mars Hydro 01:08 – Third Party Labs 02:41 – Power Drop 03:42 – Voltage 04:40 – PPF vs Photon Flux PRODUCTS UPDATES: 06:25 – PB1000 Pro Review 06:49 – P1000 Review 07:47 – XS1000 Review 08:29 – HYDRA-1000 Review 10:45 – SF1000 Review COMPARISONS: 11:37 – Efficacy 12:15 – Total PPF 12:47 – Value 13:37 – Winners 14:11 – Recommendations 16:12 – Companies 17:18 – Final Words This UPS power station can backup a grow light! ► ===================== PRODUCT LINKS (# CommissionsEarned) ===================== Atreum Lighting HYDRA-1000 5% off: ALBOPEPPER5 ► Maxsisun PB1000 Pro ► (Amazon US) ► (Amazon CA) Maxsisun MF1000 ► (Amazon US) ► (Amazon CA) ViparSpectra P1000: 5% off: ytPAlbopp ► ViparSpectra XS1000: 10% off: yt10Albopp ► Spider Farmer SF1000: 5% off: PEPPER19 ► (Amazon US / UK / DE) ► (Amazon CA) Mars Hydro TS1000 ► Support my channel by buying through my link! 🙂 ================== PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS ================== This video is a continuation from this one: Be sure to watch it! • PB1000 Pro: Maxsisun’s upgraded budget grow light includes a remote, IR diode & daisy chain power. Samsung LM281B+ diodes yield an efficacy of 2.1 umol/J. The price has been insanely low, so this it’s an excellent value offering lots of photons per dollar! • P1000: ViparSpectra’s entry level LED is extremely affordable. The 3rd party report from Light Laboratory Inc shows PPE of 2.2 umol/J. The total PPF matches the SF1000 ver3! It has a simple dimming knob & a beefy, finned heat sink. Not as many features as the PB1000 Pro, but it’s a little more efficient. • HYDRA-1000: Atreum Lighting’s new light is the most efficient one out of the line up. 3rd party labs back an efficacy claim of 2.7 umol/J. HOWEVER: the report was ran at 230V. So the efficacy will be slightly lower at 120V. To compare it to the other lights, my PPFD testing suggests a PPE of 2.5 at 120V. Regardless, it’s still the leader. The PPF is much higher than the newer SF1000. • XS1000: ViparSpectra’s premium LED is built on the same chassis as the cheaper P1000. But it has quality LM301B diodes & the XLG-150 Mean Well driver. PPE is 2.34. Running at 120W the PPF is 284. So it’s a premium, option & worth the extra money. • SF1000: Spider Farmer sold “upgraded” units for over 3 months without telling buyers. The diode quantity increased & the layout changed. However, they dropped the 301B diodes, even though their listing advertised “Samsung LM301B”. This is dishonest. I was even more upset to see their 100W grow light only drawing 91W. This newer LED has LESS output than the earlier model. My own PPFD readings show this, but so do the 3rd party lab reports. The light isn’t horrible. But I recommend the HYDRA-1000 instead! • MF1000: It features a ribbed heat sink, daisy chain power connector & remote control. The reflector hood focuses photons helps to shield eyes when working next to it. Good for non-tent applications. PPE is 2.25. It’s a good mid-end light. Not the most efficient but not too pricey. If you’re impressed by the features, it’s worth it. • TS1000: Mars Hydro’s “1000” LED is a full 150W. So the output is the highest out of the pack (315 umol). PPE is only 2.2. A good value in that more expensive premium category! #BestLEDGrowLight #IndoorGrowing #LEDlighting #Horticulture #GrowYourOwn #ArtificialLighting #Albopepper – – – – – – – – – SUPPORT: – – – – – – – – – W E B ➝ F B ➝ I G ➝ T E E S ➝

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