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Booth Upholstery Simi Valley

Booth Upholstery Simi Valley

Booth Upholstery Simi Valley

Booth upholstery Simi Valley is both a sought-after trade and one of the most popular items that we upholster.

Most people when they think booth upholstery in Simi Valley they think about a restaurant booth seat reupholstery; However, we do a lot of banquette upholstery in Simi Valley.  Banquettes are made from upholstered restaurant booths custom carpentry.  Booth upholstery in Simi Valey is popular in both high-end homes and in families which have many kids. Home booth upholstery or banquette booth upholstery in Simi Valley allows children easy access to the dinner table time without having to worry about clean up.  Clean-up of booth upholstery is simple because we use very high abrasion dirt resistant materials that are easy to clean and come with a fabric guard and sealant making booth upholstery nearly impossible to stain.  Marine vinyl is a standard booth upholstery material in Simi Valley because the material is scrubbed with soap and water and even a mild bleach solution for complete cleanability. 

Booth Upholstery in Simi Valley is usually 4-foot booth upholstery, 5-foot booth upholstery, or 6-foot booth upholstery.  People confuse window seat cushions as booth upholstery, but window seat cushion upholstery in Simi Valley requires very specific design, layout, and measurements to get correct.  If you have a Simi Valley window seat cushion upholstery then it is best to have someone from our company come out to meet with you so that we can take very precise measurements.  We can help your carpenter or construction worker calculate the best height or seat depth, so it is best to have one of us work with your carpenter if you are preparing to have a Simi Valley booth seat upholstered.  The average booth seat height needs to be just over 18” tall with a depth of over 21”.

If you are into a particular style or design for your Simi Valley booth upholstery then just ask us, we can make or create all booth seat upholstery in Simi Valley.   Button tufting, piping/welting, and channels are all possibilities with your booth upholstery.  The most common mistake when upholstering your booth in Simi Valley is not adding enough foam or not the correct foam.  We suggest springs or webbing to all Simi Valley booth upholstery for increased comfort.  Your booth seat can be a solid wood form with cushions on top of the booth base, or we can upholster your wooden platform.

Upholstering your booth seat is more cost effective than a vinyl repair or gluing the pieces together. Any patch or glue job will not hold.  Simi Valley booth upholstery does not cost a lot, so it’s better to invest your money in upholstering your booth seat in Simi Valley rather than waste your money on a shoddy repair that will only last as long as the next person who plops down on your upholstered booth seat.

Simi Valley Booth Upholstery will upholster your booth at a day and time that will not bother anyone customer or family member. We are professionals at making your booth upholstery project in Simi Valley convenient.

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