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Best Upholstery Service in Thousand Oaks | Thousand Oaks Upholstery

Best Upholstery Service in Thousand Oaks

Situated in Thousand Oaks, California, Thousand Oaks Upholstery is a family owned-operated upholstery services company. With over 40 years in the business, Thousand Oaks Upholstery is well-known to provide the best upholstery service in Thousand Oaks. If you are looking to restore your furniture or auto or boat upholstery better than its original condition or just want to completely transform the look of your existing furniture, make Thousand Oaks Upholstery your number#1 choice. We also offer unmatched customer service, customized services for residential and commercial entities, and excellent craftsmanship combined with the fastest turnaround time.

At Thousand Oaks Upholstery, we ensure to provide you the products and services that are of the highest quality. We specialize in residential and commercial upholstery. Customers can take advantage of our state-of-the-art design department where customers can talk with our upholstery designer if they want to put something together for that custom look for their home or car that reflects their style and taste. Furthermore, we also help you to find the perfect fabrics, leather and flooring materials for your furniture or automobile. Whether you want a custom home or a designer office, we’ve got you covered.

Our Services

At Thousand Oaks Upholstery, we provide a range of residential and commercial custom upholstery services of all types of furniture ranging from chairs to dining tables to sofas to ottoman to big sectional sofas. We also offer restoration of upholstered antique furniture of all kinds, upholstery of commercial dining chairs, desk chairs, bar stools, chair cushions and pads, outdoor furniture, marine furniture, all types and sizes of cushions, pillows, and throw pillows of all styles and sizes, etc.

Furthermore, our upholstery services extend to custom cushions, window seats, kitchen nooks, custom cushion fill, feather fill, feather packages, polyester fills, new carpets and flooring, steam cleaning furniture and carpets, and many more. In addition, Thousand Oaks Upholstery also provides custom upholstery, refinishing, repairs, custom drapery, valences & cornices, custom sofa, dining chairs, chairs, and window treatments.

Additionally, we also offer custom auto, RV, as well as boat upholstery. Whether you are looking for a trusted auto and boat upholsterer that guarantees the lowest price for your seat upholstery, vinyl tops, convertible tops, headliners, seat covers, or carpet for your car, truck, RV, motorhome, motorcycle, boat, or yacht, we are your one stop solution for all of your auto upholstery needs.

Why Thousand Oaks Upholstery?

Since 1979, Thousand Oaks Upholstery, we have been a family owned and operated business. Thousand Oaks Upholstery has been in the upholstery business for decades, so we know what customers want and expect when it comes to residential and commercial upholstery. For decades, we have been providing quality customer service and the highest quality craftsmanship. We are your best source for in-home design, restoration and maintenance services.

We provide the best upholstery service in Thousand Oaks at the most competitive rates combined with great customer service. Delivering outstanding customer service is what has made us unique and the most preferred upholstery service in Thousand Oaks and its surrounding areas. Our upholstery services exceed industry standards along with excellent customer service. We have completed hundreds of residential and commercial upholstery jobs over the past several years with an impressive list of satisfied customers.

If you face any issues with our upholstery products, give us a call. Our team will provide technical support through email and phone and have trained staff to answer queries over the phone from Monday through Friday. Before making any final decision, you can have a comprehensive discussion about your requirements and review fabric samples and materials with our in-house design team, so that you get exactly what you want. We also repair any furniture if any as needed, before the old furniture is reupholstered so after reupholstering, our customers can experience the look and feel of a brand new piece of furniture.

At Thousand Oaks Upholstery, we take immense pride is promoting ourselves as a trusted and reliable upholstery company that goes an extra mile to satisfy our customers. Our professional craftsmen will make you the best outdoor furniture upholstery that will not only fit the needs of you, family or clientele, but will complement the design and décor of your home or business. We are committed to providing you with upholstery of the highest quality. All of our upholsterers are factory certified and adhere strictly to standard operating procedures and all of our completed projects include extensive guarantees.

If you are looking for the best upholstery service in Thousand Oaks, Call or email us now to schedule a visit in our showroom or to schedule a free consultation.

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