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Grow light spectrum

Best LED Grow Lights 💡🎭🔊 Getting the Right Color Spectrum

Understand and select the right color spectrum for your LED Grow Light (hint: sun light is not the best) Become a better gardener, Subscribe: Share with a friend: ———————– Free Stuff: Free Garden eBook: 24 1/2 Garden Design Ideas: ———————– My Books: Garden Myths:

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Soil Science for Gardeners ———————— Free Resources: Garden Fundamentals Blog – lots of gardening information: Garden Fundamentals Facebook Group: My Garden Myths Blog: Building Natural Ponds Facebook Group: ———————– Recommended Playlists Seed Germination – Everything you need to know: Garden Myths: ———————– Best LED Grow Lights 💡🎭🔊 Getting the Right Color Spectrum Is white light or sun light the best? How about burple? How do you measure intensity? Lumens, Kalvin and foot candles don’t work since they measure the wrong light. List of Credits: Images: All slides and videos belong to or are public domain images, except for the following: Subscribe button by Shamsullah shams khan khiljee: Spectra of chlorophyll by Daniele Pugliesi: Spectra of 3 LED bulbs by Deglr6328 : Lettuce under different light by Mike Dixon: Plants under burple light by Sunshine 117: Canibus movie by Two LED bulbs by Tyler Nienhouse: Music: All music public domain or by Kevin Macleod:

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