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Baby K’Tan Review and Giveaway – Gypsy Momma

Giraffe feeding in Nairobi with Surya in the Baby K’Tan

Baby K’Tan was kind enough to send me one of their fabulous baby wraps almost a year ago to review.  At the time, my daughter was almost two years old and I was pregnant.  In the past year, I have tried the Baby K’Tan wearing a toddler while pregnant, and with my nearly eight month old from birth to present. I am in LOVE!  In fact, my whole family loves it.

I am offering TWO FREE Baby K’Tans– one in the color and size of the winner’s choice, and the one other for you petite ladies/ gentlemen (Warm Cocoa in XS).  To enter into this Baby K’Tan giveaway, either “like” Gypsy Momma on Facebook and comment on Facebook with your size and color preference, comment on this post with your color and size preference, or subscribe to receive Gypsy Momma’s emails and send me a note with your size and color preference by September 30, 2013.  The winner will be announced on October 1, 2013, and the winner will be sent the free Baby K’Tan by October 7, 2013.  You must have a shipping address for the U.S. or Canada to enter the giveaway.

With my toddler I primarily used my Moby wrap from birth and into toddlerhood.  I traveled the world with it, and l really love the Moby because of how comfortable it is- no straps, buckles, etc.  Anyone can wear it and use it- it is one size fits all.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Moby wrap, it is essentially one long piece of fabric that is wrapped and tied to secure baby to the wearer.

I struggled with the Moby wrap, though, especially during travel.  The long length of material was extremely cumbersome to wrap around me, especially when I found myself in tight spaces on airplanes, in places with dirty floors where it is difficult to keep the ends of the Moby away form (e.g. anywhere outdoors, airport terminals, disgusting bathroom floors, you name it).  The Moby also takes a lot of practice to wear and wrap, and most other caretakers beyond my husband and me were hesitant to use it.  Also, because of the amount of fabric, it can get quite hot for baby and the wearer, especially in hot and humid places like India and Kenya.

Baby K'Tan on pony
Pony trekking in Lesotho with Surya in the Baby K’Tan

Enter the Baby K’Tan.  Rather than being one length of material, it is two loops of material joined by a smaller loop.  It comes with another cloth piece that ties across the wearer, and also serves as a very convenient pouch to carry the wrap in.  The Baby K’Tan secures baby to the wearer in a similar way as the Moby wrap, but is much easier to put on.  Like the Moby, it is comfortable as it is all cloth and no uncomfortable straps or buckles.  It distributes the weight of baby nicely  across both shoulders and my back.

I have used the Baby K’Tan countless times getting off airplanes- it is so easy to put on while sitting down still buckled and waiting for that fasten seatbelt sign to go off.  There are no ends dragging on the floor, and it is lightweight and much less material, which makes baby and I much cooler.  Baby K’Tan also makes the same product with 50% mesh/ 50% cotton, called the Baby K’Tan Breeze, for an even cooler baby wearing experience.  I have used it this past year in Haiti, Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, France, Spain, South Africa, and Lesotho.  I even used it to take baby pony trekking with me in the mountains of Lesotho.

Baby K'Tan Love
Loving on my baby in the Baby K’Tan

What I really love about the Baby K’Tan is that it is very snug and secure.  With the Moby the material would often gradually slack, and my baby (and especially older baby/ toddler) would often end up dangling between my legs.  I’m exaggerating a bit, of course, but you get the idea.  With the Baby K’Tan, because it is pre-looped (and comes in different sizes to fit the baby wearer’s body size), I never have a drooping baby, which gives me more confidence to be completely hands-free, and keeps baby in the perfect eye-gazing, kissable distance from the baby wearer.  The Baby K’Tan does have enough give, however, so that I can use it both to wear a newborn or my toddler.  It also has enough slack so that I can comfortably breastfeed while wearing my baby.

My now 8 month old was not too fond of being carried in a baby wrap when he was first born.  I was quite surprised by this since my toddler loved it from day 1, and at age 3 still loves it.  After months of continued trying, my baby has decided it is actually quite cozy, and he has enjoyed many snoozes, breastfeeding moments, and strolls being worn by me, my husband, my mother, and several caretakers. My mother traveled with us all over the world to help care for the children while my husband and I worked, and she loved using the Baby K’Tan to hold the baby while chasing around the toddler.  Despite coming in different sizes, I have found that many different people within an “average” range can use the size I have quite comfortably.  Other caretakers are also much more confident wearing the Baby K’Tan, with a little assistance to show them how at first, then with the Moby Wrap.

It is also one of the most light and compact baby wraps I have used, so it easily fits in a diaper bag or ties onto the outside of a diaper bag backpack easily.  It also comes with very easy and clear instructions on different holds- it still allows for front carry, side carry, etc., and advises on holds that are safest for the age of the baby.  Check out all the fabulous YouTube videos that demonstrate how to use and wear the Baby K’Tan in different positions: Baby K’Tan Instructional Videos.

If you are looking for a very comfortable, lightweight, no straps/ buckles, easy to wear (foolproof) baby wrap for newborn and on up, the Baby K’Tan is my first choice.  It has been on the top 5 list of our travel essentials for the past year to manage our two little ones through airports, on hikes, and around the house.

Again, if you would like to enter this giveaway to win either a FREE Baby K’Tan– one in the color and size of the winner’s choice, or for you petite ladies/ gentlemen, a Warm Cocoa Baby K’Tan in size XS, either “like” Gypsy Momma on Facebook, comment on this post with your color and size preference, or subscribe to receive Gypsy Momma’s emails by September 30, 2013.  The winner will be announced on October 1, 2013, and the winner will be sent the free Baby K’Tan by October 7, 2013.  You must have a shipping address for U.S. or Canada to enter the Baby K’Tan giveaway.

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