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Awareness Hurts & That’s OK, 5 Tips for Dealing with Climate News – KeiSei Magazine

1. Find your balance.

Too little awareness might lead to anxiety and stress and too much can overwhelm you. Recognize that we’re all on different resilience levels and some people can consume more negative news than others. By knowing yourself and your limits, you can begin to recognize when you feel overwhelmed and take a break. Take it bitesize and grow your emotional resilience over time.


2. Practice healthy denial.

All of us are denying climate news to one degree or another. It simply would be impossible to live and function if we were to think about it all the time. Denial isn’t always bad and tuning out from time to time is essential for our well-being. 


3. Mix in optimism.

A good way to consume negative news is to follow up with something positive. Thar way you can stay aware without feeling like you lose yourself to anxiety and stress. It’s OK to find reasons to smile amongst all the bad and YOU — the climate hero choosing to work on your emotional resilience — deserve it more than anybody! So seek out the good news too. Listen to music that uplifts you. Sing, dance, and enjoy life. Do that and you’ll be much better equipped to do something about the things you’re learning.


4. Talk about it.

By sharing what you’re learning with others you might find that you’re not alone in your worries, which will help ease anxiety. Also, normalizing climate conversations is one of the most important ways to fuel climate action. Just keep in mind that their emotional resilience might be very different from yours — tread lightly and with kindness.


5. Fear + Grief = Empowered Action.

Grief alone can consume you. Fear alone can push you into a paralyzed state. But when combined in healthy doses, and applied to an attitude of wanting to make change, you can fuel it into empowered action. So don’t just learn and let go — empower yourself and do something about it! Knowing what you know now, what can you do today to make it better? Choose to act and be the change, and be assured the world will follow. 

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