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From an interview with Emily Westbrooks for the Irish Daily Mail magazine


Can you share a few trends that you see starting to arise? 

Nordal Interiors

I’ve been watching the velvet furniture trend grow from strength to strength over the last three years or so. It makes me very happy as I’ve always had a weakness for luxurious, dark colours and fine textile textures. This is a new iteration of maximalism smarter, streamlined and sophisticated, a more understated kind of opulence that is both affordable and versatile.

Metallics are also having quite a moment, and are the epitome of elegance in my book, especially when used in combination with marble furniture and velvet upholstery.

aberdeen_plaid_deco_cushion_antra_hr_4Organic interiors with a focus on natural materials and sustainability are also something we have been seeing during recent times, as people become more aware and responsible when it comes to the home. 

As it happens, luxe minimalism is the interiors concept and guiding principle for sourcing products at HAUS Concept Store, where most items are ethically-sourced from sustainable sources and socially-responsible manufacturers. Combining luxury and eco-friendliness is where I see the interiors industry heading over the next few years, and it’s extremely good news for all of us. 


Any winter decorating tips you swear by? 

For the cold season, I like to keep it cosy but otherwise quite simple. My apartment is extremely warm even in the midst of winter, so there are no chunky textiles or warm layers, but I do like to create a chalet-like atmosphere with candles, lanterns and incense, and lots of decorative natural decor.

Broste COpenhagen (2)

I always welcome late autumn as a blissful period of nesting that lasts well into the new year. I tend to focus on seasonal vignettes using foraged forest stuff like branches and cuttings, leaves, acorns and pine cones. I’m always on the lookout for fallen or cut trees while on forest or park walks, and I am obsessed with nurseries and garden centres.

green leaf plant

Large branches and oversized foliage decorated with string lights and ribbons and then baubles around Christmas time , as well as pine and eucalyptus wreaths are some of my favourite things to do on winter afternoons. 


For more winter decorating inspiration, visit the HAUS Concept Store Instagram …

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