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medical supplies

Explored a bunker stacked with medical supplies | ABANDONED 🎁📚Check out the books, 800+ pictures taken in over 70 countries of the best abandoned places worldwide with info: 🎁📚 Become a Patreon at: In this series I'm on a roadtrip in Hungary with Elaina and Eszter to visit abandoned places like bunkers and other interesting facilities. In this episode we try a few bunkers and even sleep in 1 of them. [vimar_seo_links] Check Elaina’s Instagram: Flashlights by Ledlenser: Follow our social media accounts for more updates and pictures: #urbex #abandoned #bunker [vimar_seo_links]
Silver Bullion

China’s Xi Is Stacking Gold & Consolidating Power To Prepare For War China has likely accumulated large holdings of gold which it has to disclose as part of its official reserves. Why is China hoarding gold, and when do they plan to make the full extent of their reserves known? China is preparing for conflict between itself and the US over Taiwan, with a chief US admiral recently warning that the invasion may happen as early as this year. If a hot war over Taiwan does breakout, it will mean pandemonium in financial markets, and economic shocks will be felt around the world. This is why I believe China has been...
Silver Bullion

Candid Talk with Gold and Silver Bullion Dealer. My Ultimate Sit-Down Interview! (Part 1) This is my long-awaited candid talk with my gold and silver bullion dealer. In this video, I have my ultimate sit-down interview with Tim on a variety of topic that gold and silver stackers will find fascinating. We discuss his personal background and how he became a successful local coin shop dealer. Business is BOOMING for this gold and silver bullion dealer, and you'll find out why! We talk about the state of coin collecting and stamp collecting and whether they are both dead hobbies. You'll learn when “stacking” really took off and gold and silver bullion became his...
Scrum Master

Scrum Master Training & Job Opportunities: Learn What It Takes to be a Successful Scrum Master! Contact Me On WhatsApp: Are Scrum Master Certifications and trainings a waste of money and time? Today we look at certified scrum master training and professional scrum master certification to see if scrum certification are still valuable! We will also analyse how to become a scrum master in the modern day and age! PSM 1 and CSM 1 are the go to scrum master certifications that delegates initially take for scrum training but do they actually provide helpful practical knowledge if it's a certified scrum master trainer or is it just theory? Scrum Master Certification and Scrum Master...
Led Grow Light

What YOU have to Look Out for in a LED Grow Light! Thanks so much for Anthon from ENERGYWISE SYSTEMS for coming on the show to share information about LED Grow Lights!🌱 These days it's super complicated to try to determine all the factors that go into a Grow Lights, attributes like Power Consumption, Lifespan, Efficiency and more! We broke it down for you in this video, hope you guys enjoy the content. Thanks for watching guys! 💚 ENERGYWISE Systems Information: Support our Gardening Store! ► Whatsapp Us! ► Facebook Group! ► Exclusive & Early Access Email List! 🔥 ► All our other platforms🌲
Life Insurance

The Truth About Life Insurance: How It CAN Build Generational Wealth | Anthony ONeal Get A Free Term Life Insurance Quote In 10 minutes today: Yo! You might not know it, but life insurance is a powerful tool for building generational wealth, especially in the Black community. Today, I have my friends from Ethos life insurance at The Table to explain what life insurance is, term life vs. whole life insurance and why you need a policy right now. Checkout My Network Partners: 🤝 Bethel Tech: 🤝 PrizePool: 🤝 Better Help: 🤝 ShortForm: 🤝 Ethos Life Insurance: 🤝 Aura Identity Theft Protection: My Online Course For...
Online Accountant

QuickBooks Online Accountant – Books Review With so much going on for every client, it can be hard to stay on top of everything. Use the Books review tool to finish specific tasks in each client's QuickBooks Online account every month. The Books review tool focuses on common yet tricky bookkeeping areas: incomplete transactions, reconciliations, and account balances. It lists key tasks so you can quickly tie up any loose ends and prioritize work, and customize your own tasks for review. You can even collaborate on transactions with your client directly in QuickBooks, send and receive messages, and upload documents. [vimar_seo_links] This video explains some...
Grow light spectrum

LED Barrina full spectrum grow light 4×4 Review! under 150$ In this review I take a look at the Barrina BU-2000 which is a 200 watt LED grow light with full light spectrum for vegetative growth and flowering / fruiting. The coverage of this light is 4x4 so it will work perfectly in a grow tent of that size. [vimar_seo_links] The light is adjustable and the installation system it has allows you to adjust how close it is to your plants easily. [vimar_seo_links] Available on Barrinas website Buy this light on Amazon My Vlog Channel Support the show on Patreon