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22 thoughts on “Guidance for youths that wish to end up being accounting pro…

  1. Sounds like opportunities exist for tech minded accounting professionals. As long as taxation exists, accounting ain’t going nowhere

  2. Can I ask for advice please? I am a 1st year accounting student in South Africa, but your video was areal eye opener. I have been stressing about automation and the regulation of accounting as a profession. I have 2 IT certifications: comptia a+ and network+. I love technology more than accounting, but my parents told me accounting would be more stable than IT. I am not the biggest fan of accounting either. Do you have any advice for me? Thanks

    1. I’m not a professional yet, I just have a degree in accounting, however… as we are going into the age of IT and artificial intelligence, I do think IT may be a good route. (Especially if you like it more). What did you end up doing?

    2. “my parents told me accounting would be more stable than IT” this is when u should stop listening to them. How the hell are they coming up to this conclusion when the whole world is geared towards technology? We live in the 21st Century.

  3. But what if people want to start their own business in the future? Isn’t it wise for them to gain practical experience and skills doing accounting as a career?🤔, I’m kinda lost here!

    1. Jennifer, if you have accounting experience, that is helpful in business no doubt. But if you don’t have that experience, just hire an accountant.

    2. You can take bookkeeping courses in college to know the basics or even just take entry levels managerial and financial accounting classes to run a small business

  4. Honestly as someone who grew up with technology and just begun her 20s, gaining computer skills is no problem. I believe most of us Gen Z are already planning learning to code at home because there’s a lot of free source material. And who wouldn’t know technology better than those who grew up with it? Thank you so much for your advice sir, I really believe as long us we adapt with technology we will still exist as a profession. Luckily nowadays Accounting degrees always include Business, management and marketing modules. They just lack computer and coding modules which sucks. However us Gen Z are bound to get into them anyways with all the free material online, and just because it would not make sense to not know how to code when we live in a world that relies on technology.

  5. Accounting is in crisis? That’s the summary here? Sir, any other profession you can think of that you could apply that generality to? Or what about other institutions in our society? Is the family in crisis? politics? education? religion? wow! so don’t go into accounting because it’s in crisis, what about medicine? art? law enforcement? politics? law? your negativity is sad.

    1. You completely misunderstood and misheard the tone of the video. Maybe listen again, without being so defensive. (And PS, just because I talked about apples, doesn’t mean I hate oranges. Like really. Chill.)

    2. @Graeme Codrington I apologize for my negative response, it was a reaction to your negative video about accounting as a profession.

    1. Priscilla, yes this is still good advice. Accounts is still a good profession to go into. Just do two things: make sure you include some courses that push you towards the digital side of the profession (maybe even do an online elective course in coding); and take some courses that push you towards the future of the profession (which will be a lot more about consulting, advisory and the future). All the best.

  6. Talking abt accounting errors and auditor not seeing corruption. Here is my question. What is the cause and effect in this case? Accounting or auditing firms make errors, so companies go bust? OR, companies give wrong information, request accounting firms to do such of thing? Intentionally or unintentionally, only those big bosses behind the scenes know. =D there is nothing wrong to study accounting. With that skill, you can also be an investor, you know how to read financial reports of stock companies, and you know how well they are doing in their business.

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