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A New Perspective on Wearing Masks | Becky Prater

A New Perspective on Wearing Masks


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Last week, I watched my dear friend, Ryhs Lloyd, tell me everything he thought about or knew about the business we are creating together. In fact, by telling me exactly what it looks like in his mind, we were co-creating it according to what is in his heart to create. I, as the witness. Afterward, I was able to share my vision, and together the business was created.

His sweet essence was filling the space with joy and his personal spittle. His very essence is in that spittle and it was flying.  I could see it reflecting sunlight as it was coming out of his mouth. His essence filling the space. The mask said to me,

“When you wear a mask you are keeping your essence to yourself, your secrets, the treasures of your soul. Then, when you are around people you love, take off your mask and share your essence with those people who see you, love you, and need to hear what you are saying.”

There is too much noise in the world. People stopped listening. We need to muffle the wrong voices so that we can hear the right voices. That might even be your inner voice.

It’s OK to wear a mask. It ensures that the secret of who you are doesn’t get into the wrong hands. Keep your secrets and share them only with deserving, loving, brave people who are willing to risk getting a disease in order to experience your true essence.

If people are fearful and choose not to be near or make you wear the mask, well, they just miss out on the true beauty and brilliance of you, which is partially carried on by the water molecules that come out of your mouth.

I don’t like wearing a mask and do not unless absolutely necessary and then it has to be cute. Soon we will no longer need them. Until then keep yourself to yourself. Allow only your loved ones to receive your special gift of self. Stop complaining. The collective of humanity gave you this unique experience so that your world would change. Do not try to keep it the same.

What good will come from this? Much, much good. Better air filtration, people working from home, not commuting. People traveling less for work and more for pleasure where they are also able to work if necessary. The ending of toxic relationships, people too fearful to run the risks that come with being in your presence. Really? It is more important to keep yourself from getting sick than being with those you love? The fear itself is magnetizing the illness to you, that or some other disease.

Be in it together. Everyone, do your best. If you haven’t noticed, you likely haven’t gotten a cold or regular flu because you are wearing masks. That’s fun.

These are the molecules delivering the message of you. Share them with only the deserving, loving beings who want you around and who see the wonder of who you are.

Ultimately all the masks will go away and we will have a renewed sense of our value and power. Meanwhile, Wash your hands. Wear masks. Be with your loved ones. Listen, listen.

A little girl said to me the other day, “stop spitting on me.” She has been trained to fear my very essence. Be careful what you say to and do around the children or they will forever be harmed. They are going to be fine. Rather, teach them that these molecules are the very essence of our being and need to be cherished and shared with the right people. You all know who the right people are.


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