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8 Best Islands in Kenya
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8 Best Beach Islands in Kenya 2023

8 Best Beach Islands in Kenya

Kenya boasts many tourist attractions, and one of its leading attractions is the amazing islands. Kenya is fortunate to have many islands, each with its own personality and allure.

The islands offer breathtaking sceneries, cultural diversity, and amazing activities one can enjoy when visiting. Here are some of the 8 best islands you should visit in Kenya.

  1. Lamu island

Founded in the 12th century, Lamu island is one of the best islands in Kenya. Lamu is a coastal town with coral reefs and beautiful white sandy beaches. It features small villages, narrow and dusty streets, and colorful dhows docked at shorelines.

Lamu is known for its vibrant and energetic Swahili culture and as a major tourist destination. The town is more charming by its narrow alleys, friendly people, and tasty Swahili cuisine.

There are also numerous exciting festivals like the Lamu Yoga festival and the Lamu Cultural festival.

8 Best Islands in Kenya
  1. Mombasa Island

Mombasa island is yet another popular island in Kenya. The island is connected to the mainland by a bridge popularly known as the Nyali bridge. Mombasa Island is a perfect holiday destination for beach lovers.

It is home to some of the most stunning beaches found in Kenya and amazing historical sites such as Fort Jesus. It is also home to an artificial reef that harbors a wide variety of marine life, from small fish to sharks.

  1. Chale Island – Diani

Chale Island is situated at the far end of Msambweni Bay in Kwale county. Chale is renowned for its sacred sites or frightened Kaya. It is the perfect place to spend your vacation because of its position in the South East of Kenya.

Chale offers beautiful scenery and fascinating history. Its carefree way of life will be hard to resist. Its chilly weather is ideal for the holidays.

8 Best Islands in Kenya
Chale Island – 8 Best Islands in Kenya
  1. Takawiri Island

Takawiri Island is a small island located on Kenya’s west coast. It is one of the most beautiful islands in Kenya and holds many tourist attractions. The island has pristine beaches, goby fish, reef sharks, and wonderful marine life. The island is best visited during summer and is great for snorkeling.

  1. Manda Island

Manda Island is located off Lamu in the Indian Ocean. The island boasts white sand beaches and clear waters. The island has coral reefs that offer some of the best snorkeling opportunities. You can also relax on its beautiful beaches while watching the sunset.

The small island has a large mangrove forest and other vegetation. It is a perfect place to go snorkeling, diving, and deep-sea fishing. Manda Island is a great holiday destination for family and friends.

  1. Mfangano Island

Mfangano Island is the largest island on lake Victoria. Located in an ideal place away from bustling modern life, the island is an excellent spot to unwind because there isn’t much activity there.

It has a spotless coastline, rich greenery, and a wide range of species, including flamingos, hippos, and monkeys. You can also enjoy spectacular birdlife as the island has over 350 different species of birds.

8 Best Islands in Kenya
8 Best Islands in Kenya


  1. Funzi Island

Funzi Island is located off the Mombasa coast in the Indian Ocean. It is renowned for its beautiful eco-spaces, including wetlands and native mangrove forests, and its beaches.

It is an island that provides a habitat for several turtle species, including the loggerhead, leatherback, green, and olive turtles. People should go to the gardens close by and the Ramisi River for cultural trips.

The yearly migration of humpback whales takes place between June and December.

  1. Kirepwe and Sudi Island

Kirepwe Island- After Sudi Island, Kirepwe is the second largest of the three Mida Creek islands. Explore unexcavated ancient Swahili ruins, open water-pools, and bosks of palm trees, it is a very scenic site.

Kirepwe Island is also a good place for bird watching, but even the journey to the island is an experience especially if you chose to get there with a traditional dugout canoe.

Canoes can be chartered either from the Mida Creek Boardwalk or from the Dabaso Landing Site, a small anchorage ground for canoes on the east side of the creek. Mida Creek Conservation Community group offers special trips to Kirepwe Island including a picnic with traditional food of fish, rice, and fresh fruit.

The ruins at Kirepwe are about the same age as the ruins in Gede and so Italians believed they were settled by the same community of people.


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