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7 Latest Diamond Jewelry Designs With Best Price
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7 Latest Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry Designs With Best Price


Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry –A Must-Have Essential

Diamond Jewelry has been a way to enhance outfits and express one’s persona of all time. For some, it might be just another accessory, while for others, it is a part of their identity. All staple jewelry statement pieces have at least one attribute: they are timeless. They are worth investing in because their everlasting qualities never go out of vogue. Experimenting with trendy jewelry can be fun and playful, but the classic jewels are the ones you turn to time and time again. However, in present times we have been observing a shift in the trend of wearing lab grown diamond jewelry instead of its natural counterparts.

Environmental and sustainability concerns have always shrouded naturally mined diamonds. On the other hand, lab made diamonds are highly crafted in the modern-day laboratory that employs safe and comfortable conditions for human resources, making them conflict-free diamonds. When it comes to perfection, we create and design jewelry pieces making the occasion special with all the sparkles. So, if you are wondering to surprise your loved ones but are overwhelmed with deciding to bring a million-dollar shine to their face, do not worry; we have you covered.

To help you choose, we have picked and compiled the best diamond jewelry designs for you that will be a cakewalk in your collection.

7 Must-Have Diamond Jewelry Designs For Every Wardrobe

Elongated Green Glittering Marquise Ring – ₹ 39,655

Elongated Green Glittering Marquise Ring

If you are searching for a unique diamond shape that sets your ring apart, a marquise shape diamond ring is just a perfect pick. This diamond shape has been around for centuries and is a timeless choice for today’s couples, especially when selecting diamond engagement rings.

This elongated green glittering marquise ring from our collection is a hot favorite among everyone, with the best price at Rs. 39,655. The design of this ring includes an elongated green stone crafted around 15 tapering diamonds in a white gold metal shade.

3-Carat Blue Circlet Hoop Earring – ₹ 48,510

3 carat blue circlet hoop earring

No matter what may come and go, Hoops are forever. They are one of the fashion industry’s most sought-after trend style accessories. They are classic yet bolder, grabbing the attention and adding a dash of personality wherever you go.

Our 3 carat blue circlet hoop earring is a must-have staple in your jewelry collection. It will add a touch of elegance to your ensemble with its playful blue gemstone encircled by 26 glittering diamonds. The earring is encrusted in a white gold metal type and comes in the price range of Rs. 48,510.

Intricate 3-carat Diamond Studded Pendant – ₹43,890

Intricate 3 carat diamond studded pendant

This timeless piece of jewelry will suit every occasion, whether you want to keep it simple or add a little bling. Our intricate 3-carat diamond studded pendant features a classic look that maximizes carat weight with its brilliant shape and stunning cut. It will be an ultimate casual wear accessory to adorn your everyday casual look.

This extensive stylish design will complement any ensemble, from your work outfit during the day to your cocktail party gown at night, crafted in 3-carat white gold with 17 tapering diamonds. Its price range from Rs. 43,890.

Geometric Diamond Bracelet – ₹ 44,999

Geometric Diamond Bracelet

These geometric pattern designs have been evidence that this style has been found across centuries and is universally pleasing. Geometric jewelry was extremely famous during the Art Deco Era with bold geometric sets with diamonds and colored gemstones.

This lab grown diamond jewelry design is encrusted in 14KT gold, rose gold, and white gold metal shade with 38 diamond count. The style of the bracelet is simple and minimalistic, which will be an ideal fit for regular use as well as for showing it off on special occasions. The price of this gorgeous bracelet is Rs. 44,999.

Flaunting White and Pink Diamond Stacked Ring – ₹ 68,530

Flaunting White and Pink Diamond Stacked Ring

When picturing the wedding ring of your dreams, do you think of a traditional diamond rings or an out-of-the-box band-like design for your big day? What if we tell you that you can have both in one design?

Our flaunting white and pink diamond stacked ring style showcases three rows of round brilliant diamonds set halfway around the band. The design is available in a white gold shade with a diamond count of 54 and a price range of Rs. 68,530.

Double Halo Stud with Pink Diamonds – ₹ 34,999

Double Halo Studs with Pink Diamonds

What more do ladies want when their accessories speak for them that accentuate facial features by highlighting the jaw and cheekbones without putting much effort? Our Double Halo Stud with pink diamonds actually does that, and you can never go wrong with them.

Our Halo design adds a beautiful shimmer to a pair of studs with a bonus to make your center diamond seem larger than actual. Available in 14KT gold, white gold, and rose gold shades with 58 diamond counts comes in the price range of Rs. 34,999.

2-Carat Hot Blue Shimmering Diamond Pendant – ₹ 34,650

2-Carat Hot Blue Shimmering Diamond Pendant

If you want a statement pendant necklace, you will definitely love this beautiful hot blue shimmering diamond pendant. The pendant is the very definition of glamour and offers a level of sophistication you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

Our hot blue diamond pendant design includes a blue flower-like structure that gives you a floral vibe crafted in a 2-carat white gold metal shade with 8 diamond count and a price range of Rs. 34,650.

Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry has become popular, especially among millennials and the best part is when you can buy diamond jewelry online. We offer a vast online platform our valuable customers can trust for cutting-edge designs and high-end craftsmanship statement pieces. It’s essential that you find something that best fits you because the only jewelry you would enjoy wearing is worth buying. We have picked the 7 jewelry essentials for any wardrobe that will never leave you lacking the right necklace, bracelets, rings, or earrings for the occasion.

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