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5+ Ways to Spot a FAKE vs REAL Gold Bar (PAMP Edition)

FAKE vs REAL gold minted bars, and how to tell them apart: PAMP Suisse is renowned for producing some of the world’s most exquisite and beautiful precious metal products- but how can you be sure you’re not buying a cheap replica? In this video you’ll learn how to spot the difference between a fake and a real gold bar, as well as a couple of tests our staff at MyGold can run to help you on your investing journey. From visual elements to chemical elements, it’s good to know the red flags of a fake bar before you buy. Looking to buy gold in Auckland, New Zealand? At MyGold® Gold Merchants, you can buy and sell gold bullion, gold coins, gold bars and more! Conveniently located in central Auckland, our team of professional Gold Merchants will supply you with 999.9% pure precious metals.

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