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Pet Appreciation Week | Dog Training In Your Home Myrtle Beach
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5 Ways to Show Your Dog You Appreciate Them During Pet Appreciation Week

How Do You Show Your Pet Appreciation?

Like we need another way to spoil our dogs, right? But seriously – Pet Appreciation Week is a week in June that allows us to really show our dogs what they mean to us. Not buying into it yet? Let’s help you get some ideas…

Why We Appreciate our Pets

Why should we appreciate them? Because they actually do more for us than you may realize. Here are some ways that pets help us out:

  • Mentally: It’s been proven that taking care of a pet helps your mental well-being. I know I feel destressed rubbing my dog’s ears and snuggling with him at the end of a long day! Research has shown it helps kids learn responsibility…need I go on?
  • Physically: You most likely have to walk your dog to get them exercise, so by default you get exercise. It’s win-win!
  • Emotionally: If seeing cute puppies or getting dog kisses brings a smile to your face, you know how dogs can help you emotionally. Having them check on you if you’re crying helps us feel comforted. They make you feel loved no matter what’s going on.
  • Spiritually: Dogs life our spirits 🙂 Some people call them their “spirit animals”. The Chinese calendar has the year of the dog. OK, this one’s a bit of a stretch but maybe you can come up with some better reasons one post them in the comments!

Ways We Show our Appreciation

Even though dogs can sense our tones of voice and associate words/commands with actions (“sit” for example), they don’t actually understand our verbal language. Body language, on the other hand, is right up their alley. Here are a few ideas on how to show your dog you appreciate them:

  1. Body Language: Use welcoming body language towards your dog; pet them a lot, rub their ears or belly if they like it.
  2. Soothing tones: Soothing and calm tones can send the message you like what you’re dog is doing. Getting excited can also let them know, but some dogs might interpret that excitement the wrong way.
  3. Mental stimulation: Play a game of hide-and-seek treats (or toys); utilize puzzle toys or snuffle mats, anything that challenges their brain will let them know you care.
  4. Quality time: Dogs are pack animals, so they like spending time with their “pack” (aka – you and your family). Be it chilling out together, going for a walk, or a game of fetch; they love to be with you!
  5. Yummy treats: Of course, treats are always a welcome way to show them you love them! I don’t know too many dogs who would turn down a treat 🙂

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