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4 Activities and Things You Need to Do on A Business Trip

Business trips are part and parcel of life when working for a corporate company. While the main objective of these trips is to get work done, you’re also bound to have some free time to have fun. 

To make the most of your time, you should try fun and entertaining activities to make the trip memorable. To help you out, we, at Avalanche, offer some exciting activities that you can try with your colleagues to make the most of your free time. 

However, it can be overwhelming to choose from our wide range of exciting activities. That’s why we’ve created a guide on activities and things you need to do on a business trip to have a good time!

Let’s get started! 

1. Axe Throwing 

A traditional activity dating back to the time of the Vikings, axe throwing is one of the most entertaining activities out there. It requires you to throw an axe accurately towards a wooden target. 

It’s a thrilling and safe activity as you’ll be guided by our instructors thoroughly before playing. Axe throwing can make for some exciting and hilarious moments as you and your employees try to get the axe stuck on the target. 

On top of that, this activity requires a fair bit of skill and you’re bound to get immersed trying to accurately hit the centre of the target. You can book this activity at Avalanche by visiting our website now! 

2. Blindfold Archery

fun activities for businesses; person trying archery

If you’re interested in bringing a fun twist to an already adrenaline-filled shooting game, then this activity is for you. This game requires you to have a blindfold on while trying to shoot an arrow toward your target. 

Blindfold archery is a fun activity for a corporate day out, where you need to rely on your intuition to shoot accurately. It makes for an entertaining day filled with laughs and unexpected moments. 

However, if you’re looking to get more competitive, Avalanche also offers normal archery sessions, allowing you to compete with your colleagues. Regardless of what you choose, it’s one of the most fun activities for businesses. 

3. Clay Pigeon Shooting

corporate day out; clay pigeon shooting equipment

If you’re looking for an intense shooting experience, clay pigeon shooting should be on the list of things you need to do on a business trip. We provide one of the best experiences out there and give you all of the equipment you need.

This activity requires proper focus and attention to hit the target successfully. This makes the activity challenging and will keep you immersed for a while. You can compete with your colleagues to see who is the best at taking down clay pigeons within a minute. 

Clay pigeon shooting requires you to be up-to-date with its safety and aiming tips. This means that you need to learn about it and follow your guide’s instructions before booking this activity

4. Hovercraft Experience

fun outdoor activities during business trips; person riding a hovercraft

This is one of the most unique outdoor activities and needs to be on your list if you’re looking to visit Avalanche during your business trip. These hovercrafts float mid-air, giving you a unique and unusual driving experience. 

Our instructors will give you short instructions regarding how to ride and safety tips, and then you’ll be ready to go! We’ll test your hovercraft skills with our challenges and a land-based course.

The course won’t be easy because the hovercrafts don’t have any brakes. This means that you need good judgement and skills to finish the race as soon as possible. It’s a fun activity and should be one of the things you do on a business trip. 

Visit Avalanche Adventure for Exciting Outdoor Activities

Now that you’ve read our list of activities you need to do on a business trip, it’s time to consider booking a slot for them! At Avalanche Adventure, you can find the activities mentioned above and more, for an exciting corporate day out.

Some of our other amazing outdoor activities include blindfold driving, lost explorer experiences, off-road driving and more! After being exhausted by our intense activities, you can book a delicious buffet to fill up your stomach.

To learn more about us, visit our homepage or call us to book some exciting activities now!

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